Android: TALKTOME Keyboard

Androidvoicerecognition_thumb Android: TALKTOME KeyboardI’m a big proponent of using voice commands and voice recognition with PC and electronic devices [ask anyone]. The release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the iPhone was a premier event. iPhone didn’t have voice recognition before; while Android did- although very poor.

As an user of DROID, I was looking for alternatives and best choice for voice recognition on the DROID; basically all of them go through the Google voice recognition engine, but it’s about the GUI they put with it..

I found TALKTOME Keyboard…

TALKTOMEKEYBOARDscreenshot_thumb Android: TALKTOME KeyboardWhile the voice recognition for DROID is not really that good when your talking at normal speed, you can slow your speech down and then it tends to do much better- it’s actually really good at doing one word at a time. TALKTOME is an application for ANDROID platform and it costs a dollar to purchase. The hardest part is entering all your information to buy the app from provider… [smile]

The application replaces your normal keyboard with theirs. It has word suggestion and it has a microphone right there to click on to start speaking and they’ve been outstanding thus far on their upgrades/updates, making the application that much better each time. Alas, the programming GUI is getting better, but the ENGINE part isn’t. The voice recognition just isn’t there and I don’t think there’s really anything you can do there to fix that.

The word prediction, the fixed phrases you normally expect with a certain set of words, just isn’t there. And while I know Google has a ton of data to play with, they apparently aren’t focused on voice recognition right now. There’s also no custom words, you can’t train sets of words or phrases. Coming from a PC world of voice recognition, it’s a hard transition.

And the PRICE; it’s perfect. $1 it’s a dream, and so worth it. iPhone is giving away their voice recognition right now, but I had some discussions with Nuance about this early on and for the service they could offer, I’d say $5-10; but wow the comparison. The difference in service/performance and price is it enough for everyone to accept.. limited use, Google’s free offering vs. Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking for DROID for $$$- I dunno. I’d have to test it and play around with it- seeing it in action to determine that.

Can you BLOG with ANDROID and it’s voice recognition; yes. It’s a painful process, but it does work, and I use the voice recognition from ANDROID to update my Twitter status/reply a lot. Let’s just say I’ve thumbs that hate each other and it’s so much easier just to say your response.

So, DROID has voice recognition, but it’s not very good. The application I’m using as an example is very good, but the ENGINE is it’s downfall; considering that, I’d still buy it again. The developers are doing everything, everything, right on the interface for voice recognition. Nuance would do well to consider this when they release theirs for DROID [if…].

Don’t be afraid of the voice recognition software; it’s coming and IT’LL help you- I promise, but keep in mind while it’s really good- it’s only going to get better.


Hope this helps.


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