Voice Recognition: Dragon NaturallySpeaking vs AnDROID

 Voice Recognition: Dragon NaturallySpeaking vs AnDROIDDragon NaturallySpeaking[6]" src="http://www.lehsys.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/DROIDDragonNaturallySpeaking6_thumb.jpg" border="0" alt="DROID Dragon NaturallySpeaking[6]" width="189" height="125" align="right" />I recently purchased a Motorola DROID ‘phone’ and I’ve been trying to get some updates from Nuance for some time now, on its initial offering of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, for the iPhone; not much yet.

Maybe the fact I don’t have an iPhone is a hindrance. I asked to be included with the beta testing team, but never got the invite.

But is all this voice recognition a lost effort on the iPhone?

Here’s a video…

Now, this shows that the iPhone has Dragon NaturallySpeaking installed and the demonstrator shows how accurate the processing is, but it’s also like the person is speaking like a robot, and to be honest sounds like something that you would’ve to do in the 90’s for voice recognition to work. The average use rexpects this to work much smoother.

Since I can’t do this for myself, I’m watching and referencing the example video. While the recognition seems to be really good [not with standing the lost in space voice] the bigger issue, and what I’d consider the ‘elephant in the room’, is the fact you can’t dictate where you want.

I think this is a big issue and from the video, it’s Apple’s FAULT again that quality applications for the iPhone can’t be created… there’s a lot of finger pointing in that direction, but that’s another conversation.

As the person shows, the dictation has to take place in an another application and then the text has to be copied and pasted in to the application of your choice. It’s simple enough, but is it really what the users are expecting; I say not.

AND on the flip side…

Verizon‘s new DROID came out and while I’ve only had my hands on it for a few days, I’m impressed.

There’s limited speech to text abilities built right in to the phone. This is done using Googles voice recognition interface/API. It uses small sections of voice, submits that for voice recognition and then pastes/fills-in the box with your text; my experience thus far have been good.

Many have complained that the voice recognition is not that good. I’ve had some experience with voice recognition and taking note that speaking slower or louder at the phone doesn’t make it work any better; it’s looking for spoken/common language. Changing the way you say the word simply makes the results that much worse.

The main difference I’m noticing thus far, I don’t have to do the copy/paste function that the iPhone has to. I can simply double click on the text boxes and speak my words. The results are inserted in to the box; no switching…

I can’t speak for Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the iPhone [I don’t know], but does it work without an Internet connection? I ask this because it’s not disclosed and Google voice recognition doesn’t work without an Internet connection, but honestly- how often is that going to be?

And while every application is going to have it’s quirks, the goal is to find the one that works the best, and fits YOU the best.

My person curiosity was raised based on is Google going to be the Internet Explorer to Netscape, or what Google Directions is to GPS devices [Garmin and TomTom]? Is it a death kneel we’re looking at here?

Nuance hasn’t disclosed a price yet and everyone is dying to know…

Can Google VOICE RECOGNITION do it better, and for free?

Oh the drama…


L. Henry Jr.

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