Android + Google Goggles = The New Tricorder

GoogleGoggles_thumb Android + Google Goggles = The New TricorderThis is another fascinating development from Google. It’s interesting that no one is doing these things and if they’re, they’re not publicized.

Microsoft presented a feature months ago where pictures were collected and use collaborative manner; offering up the same scene from multiple different angles.

BUT I’m not sure this was ever thought about…

Does anyone else see this as one step close to the ‘tricorder’?

In the fictional Star Trek universe, a tricorder is a handheld device used for scanning an area, interpreting and displaying data from scans to the user, and recording information to isolinear chips.

You know the thing Spock would carry around to identify everything. Doesn’t is feel weird to be part of a process to photograph and recognize everything and be able to provide instant data about that image.

Here’s the video…

Imagine pointing your phone at someone, taking a picture and then having the picture run identification on the image, identifying everyone in the photo- being able to pull up their name, phone number, job and personal history… interesting thought.

Interestingly enough the image has to be sent to Google for identification [I presume] so we’re looking at a ton of free test data.

It’s a conspiracy theorists dream come true to have something like this out there. They must be sitting in a corner somewhere pleasuring themselves with the thought that Google is going to control the world.

Did anyone see WALL-E? Big and Large?

It circled around a corporation so big, and massive and controlling that it controlled the lives of peoples’ every move. Everything they saw, said and did was controlled by the marketing and pushing of their products. I’m not saying this is Google, but do you see the similarities?

Google has some awesome reach and they’re trying to do some really cool stuff, but the coo-coo birds out there are going to have a ball with this…

And for the regular people [ones that don’t wear tin foil hats to bed], this seems to be nothing more than a cool tool to play with or to identify things you would never know what they were before; like fine works of art or majestic buildings.

So until someone provide the images are being used for ‘EVIL’ – let’s play!

L. Henry Jr.

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