AnDROID gets Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

DROIDDragonNaturallySpeaking_thumb AnDROID gets Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

ANDROID has voice recognition from Google built right in to the Operating System for DROID, but the recognition of Dragon NaturallySpeaking is far greater than Google at this point.

UPDATE : 02/08/2011

So one of the very first questions that hit my mind was after the iPhone was provided Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and I understood how it works…

How long is it going to before DROID is going to get Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

iPhone has a limitation of NOT being able to dictate in to the actual text boxes that you want to put information in to; it has to be COPY AND PASTE [to be compatible]. This is a limitation thanks to APPLE.


The Dragon NaturallySpeaking app doesn’t really do anything but record sound. The sound is sent via your data connection to Nuance data center. The servers there, run the recognition on the data and then send back the text. All this is done very fast.

AGAIN, you can’t do this directly in the application you want to put it in…

But because of the way Nuance developed the application, it can be deployed on any phone basically that can run an app and record a sound file- that’s a lot right now.

Initially Nuance said Blackberry would get Dragon NaturallySpeaking first, but that seems inaccurate since iPhone has it and Blackberry doesn’t… oops some where.

BUT also that DROID can also use this with very little effort…

According to Peter Mahoney @ Nuance… December 7th.

‘…No announced plans for the Droid, but we move fast in this space.

It’s difficult to think that Nuance would place their foot on the playground with Google, but the Dragon NaturallySpeaking product/service is clearly superior and Nuance won’t have the red tape and limitations that Apple would like to muck around with.

It seems if this were the case, Dragon NaturallySpeaking and AnDROID will be a very good marriage. So for all that would be asking, there’s no release date yet.

An SDK is now being offered, for Nuance voice recognition for Android and iOS.

Nuance Releases SDK for voice recognition for Android and iOS – at really high cost


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