The self-sustaining vehicle – why can’t there be?

greencar_thumb The self-sustaining vehicle – why can’t there be?I guess I’m a ‘dummy’… I guess I just don’t get the problem.

The argument is not so much can a car be self-sufficient, but can you really get away from a GAS fuel; I want to say yes- [to coin a phrase] yes we can.

These are some things, technologies and some people that need to sit down and talk and then create something that is absolutely amazing-  a self sufficient car. A car that requires no fuel; it just works.

You’ve cars that run on water, sun [solar] and hydrogen and things that can generate energy by capturing energy right out of the air.

While I think that GM, Toyota and FORD have all done ‘good’ to try to make a change it’s going to take more than batteries. The cars require a long drive life, recharge fast and be able to pick energy where ever it can find it.

Most cars are going to go about 50 miles per day on an average trip to and from work. And just working from there, here’s what I’ve got…


  1. The entire top of the car could be covered with solar cells, including windows.
    A large majority of cars are not parked in parking garages, they’re parked in sun light. You’d imagine seeing cars that WANT to be parked in the sunlight- wouldn’t that be weird.

  3. watercar_thumb The self-sustaining vehicle – why can’t there be?Japan has proven that a car can run on water/hydrogen. Where is this option in cars to run the generator, to power the electric motor?Why can’t the hydrogen from WATER be used to do all the work? This would be a great asset to self sustaining cars.


  5. image_thumb32 The self-sustaining vehicle – why can’t there be? Wind devices could be mounted on the vehicle to generate power as the vehicle is running and feeding it back to the system.As the wind moves through the device the ribbon inside vibrates, the vibration causes the solenoid to go up and down generating electricity and thus feeding that back in to the electrical system of the car.

  7. Even if you can’t get away from fuel completely, the cars of the future should be using the assistance of things like HHO. If they aren’t going to use hydrogen use a hydrogen assistance. This would improve the performance and efficiency of the fuels greatly.

  9. Regenerative Braking is another way to assist in the process. Meaning every time you brake the wheels are hooked up to generators and instead of braking the generators kick in and slow you down; throwing power back in to the system.

  11. Carbon fiber bodies on cars need to be embraced more. Everyone knows that most cars are not all metal and most have a bunch of plastics to them. And you if are going to make an efficient car, it has to be light.

  13. I can’t say with any great expectations that the next Chevy Volt is going to be a hit, but it’s a start. And I really can’t see having to wait around for hours to drive your car [so it can charge]- that’s just not going to work. It’s going to have to be fast.“The ability to charge and discharge batteries in a matter of seconds rather than hours may open up new technological applications and induce lifestyle changes

    These cars are going to have to be adaptable. If a new battery, more reliable and more ‘better’ can be created- the cars should be able to adapt.

One of the biggest issues here is the lack of cooperation.

This is the biggest mockery of humanity. This is a fight to save the planet, and in small minds, it’s a fight to make money and live the glory- that’s wrong.

What should happen here is that the minds of the world should stop and agree on something [for once] and create something incredible. But with everyone NOT wearing their Star Trek badges, this isn’t going to happen. It’s going to keep going on as an individual effort and going in 50 different directions. The technology is there, it’s just not used.

A self sufficient car is possible, but I don’t know when we’re going to see one.

This is just food for thought, and I hope I got you thinking…



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