The Future: Smart Phones Remove Privacy

smartphoneprivacy_thumb The Future: Smart Phones Remove PrivacyI’ve long said that mobile phones are not phones at all; they’re small PC’s and the function of making a phone call is only a side affect of what they can really do.

The push for phones to do all kinds of things besides voice conversations is cause for raised curiosity.

The level of necessity of the mobile phone can soon be social requirement. This is a video that’s an example of what a ‘smart’ phone can do now…

I’ve only seen a few movies in my life time that come close to rivaling the capabilities of this phone. 007 [James Bond] would’ve loved to have this device.

Watch this video…

The momentum building behind AR has been fuelled by the growing sophistication of cellphones. With the right software, devices like the iPhone can now overlay reviews of local services or navigation information onto scenes from the phone’s camera.

As the race continues to make the most powerful device a person can hold in their pocket or hand, this has unlimited uses and not of them good.

In this approach, software would pull photographs of a location from the internet and stitch the pictures together to create a 3D image of that place. Such images could also have GPS information attached, and even though the coordinates might be slightly inaccurate, combining many photographs of the same place would fine-tune the location information embedded in the resulting composite image.

With just about all new phones having GPS and cameras, I’m cautious for the worlds public maintaining a private life.

L. Henry Jr.

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