So Your Using Internet Explorer… Not So Smart.

deathtoInternetExplorer_thumb So Your Using Internet Explorer… Not So Smart.

I wonder when I see the stats on the usage of the most popular browser on the planet and shockingly it keeps coming back Internet Explorer; it’s simply staggering.

I’ve inquired with many sites about their trends. Some websites offer their stats right out there on the cuff; you can see everything- all kinds of stats on websites and I rarely see Internet Explorer as a dominate browser.

This just sparks curiosity… about the wisdom of those users…

And for the amount of press that Chrome gets, it’s only at about 4% global usage; that actually matches with my sites stats on Chrome as well.

So what’s it like to make an arrogant statement?

Okay, Based on these stats I’m going to make this statement.

Everyone using Firefox, or something other than Internet Explorer, your smart.

Your problem solving abilities are that of an above average user and you recognize the requirements of what a browsers is, what it can do and how to protect your computer from unwanted molestation.

webstatsscreenshot_thumb So Your Using Internet Explorer… Not So Smart.

The 51% of people using Internet Explorer [regardless of version], your either an idiot or you don’t have a choice of browser at work. And for the 12.83% that are still using Internet Explorer 6; you’re beyond saving, your an embarrassment to the human race and we would like you to stop using up all our oxygen immediately.

You should be hunted from the air by helicopters, mounted on walls of IT Administrators/Consultants everywhere and shown as spectacle of what a true idiot looks like. No amount of source code is going to save you!!

I mean seriously, your using a browser that’s almost 10 years old!

And just because the numbers aren’t there to show Firefox dominance, doesn’t mean it’s not the right choice; hell, anything other than Internet Explorer is the right choice.


Get something current, and get something that works!

firefox So Your Using Internet Explorer… Not So Smart.Chrome So Your Using Internet Explorer… Not So Smart.operalogo So Your Using Internet Explorer… Not So Smart.safaribrowser So Your Using Internet Explorer… Not So Smart.

If anything, this a brief break from sanity where I tried to say ‘please stop’.

HA HA HA HA! [the curtain falls, squeaky door closes and I go back to plucking the cat]




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