Nov 30 2009

LEHSYS Report – November 2009

NovemberTurkey7_thumb LEHSYS Report – November 2009November was a big month in the terms of traffic. It was a disappointing month in terms of performance of adverts.

I can’t say that I was too happy with the advert providers and it may not be their fault, but when you look at the traffic being up and adverts performance being lower that the last 2 months…

It’s disappointing…

I started using Project Wonderful again for my RSS feeds. I talked about the quality of the adverts from Project Wonderful before, and my decision was if they can’t assist me in the filtering process, I’ll make sure that those who want to place ads with me will have to meet a minimum bid. Good decision, bad decision; I don’t know, but so far I’m not getting spammers and crappy ads.

I put out 25 articles this month; the most I’ve ever done. That’s almost one a day.

But the most interesting things this month are the articles on Ubuntu, PaperPort 12 Pro and AutoText. Ubuntu released a new version and I worked on some issues and posted some results. I also did a follow-up on AUTOTEXT; I didn’t like how they handled that process and based on my article they contacted [phoned from Germany] and said they would make some changes and there was some discussion about their practices. Paperport 12 Pro was a review I did for Nuance. They were nice enough to provide me with a trial version to review. It lasted just long enough to do the review; it brought many interested visitors.



So last month, I didn’t get 20k page views, but this month I received over 30k page views and I averaged over 1000 page views a day; this is big for me/for my site. It was a 60% increase in traffic.

The biggest day this month was the 24th. I guess everyone was off [hehe] and I had some good stuff to read. Not that I don’t, but the stats on my site say that people are spending over a 3:20+ on my site reading the articles. If they’re reading the articles they like the stuff. This translates out to a lower BOUNCE rate, which is good.

My bounce rate is below 80% and this is good.

The top stories are:

/2009/09/microsoft-outlook-export-options-absent/                       2821
/2009/10/installing-adobe-flash-on-ubuntu-9-10-jus                      1998
/2009/09/review-emclient-v2-0/                                                 1982

The Microsoft Outlook issue is a serious point , Flash on Ubuntu is crazy stupid and the eMclient review is very popular [and rightfully so].




This month has been really good on traffic and it’s been due to the fact StumbleUpon has provided a lot of incoming links.

htt  :  www.stumbleu refer.  h  ?url=htt  %3A%2                 2441
htt  :  www.stumbleu refer.  h  ?url=htt  %3A%2                 1521
htt  :  www.stumbleu refer.  h  ?url=htt  %3A%2                 978
htt  :  www.stumbleu refer.  h  ?url=htt  %3A%2                 660


According to my stats the majority of my traffic is coming from Google, but I never really though about StumbleUpon as a driving force in getting traffic. And I understand this could just be a wave influx…



I’ve to admit I love watching the browser war stories, ‘cause when I look at my stats…

Browsers_thumb LEHSYS Report – November 2009

I just laugh- Firefox is by far the most popular browser. I mean can you see that! Internet Explorer 6 is just idiotic that it’s still showing… it’s crazy. Internet Explorer 7 and 8 are just not cutting it and for those still using it; you just asking for trouble.

While Google’s Chrome is getting a ton of press time and publications, it’s no where near the popularity of Firefox; it’s just a blip in comparison.  They seem to be going through version numbers very quickly… kinda’ fast and too suspicious for me.

Opera has been a low performer for a while now. It may be a good browser, but it’s just not on the ‘top 40 countdown’ ya know? I’m actually really impressed Opera made it in to the Windows browser selection list.


RSS feeds

It’s also interesting to note that the site is reporting about 60+ RSS feeds a day that are being pulled. This is also up 60+% from last month.



I wrote a program for Farm Town; it’s called Rapido Farmer. It’s for all those Farm Town and FarmVille fanatics who really want to excel. It’s a farming assistant. It makes doing what you’ve do easier to get faster results.

Here’s the Link:

and watch the video…



This month was good, but it could’ve been better. I appreciate it… That’s all I’ve got. 



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