Nov 26 2009

Free Fuel; 2 Gallons Daily

CR53screenshot_thumb Free Fuel; 2 Gallons Daily

The idea of having a world without having to buy gas for your car is outstanding; speaking solely of electric cars- the direction we’re going in now.

But what if you could make fuel out of thin air… that would spark your interest; it sparks mine.

Here’s some extracts…

cr5screenshot_thumb Free Fuel; 2 Gallons DailyBasically it uses a dish, a solar dish, to concentrate the sun to 2700 degrees, to break down the CO2 and mix it with Hydrogen and the result is petro fuels.

Cylindrical in shape, the device has both a hot and cold chamber with 14 Frisbee-like rings in the middle. The rings’ outer edges–made of iron oxide–are solar heated to 2,700 degrees which forces the composite to lose oxygen atoms.

It’s simply amazing.

The prototype device, called the Counter Rotating Ring Receiver Reactor Recuperator (CR5, for short), will break a carbon-oxygen bond in the carbon dioxide to form carbon monoxide and oxygen in two distinct steps. It is a major piece of an approach to converting carbon dioxide into fuel from sunlight.


“What’s exciting about this invention is that it will result in fossil fuels being used at least twice, meaning less carbon dioxide being put into the atmosphere and a reduction of the rate that fossil fuels are pulled out of the ground,”


This is a 7 minute video from a skeptic’s point of view…


Unfortunately, this is something that’s not going to happen overnight and by the time the scientists that created this may be fighting a losing battle here… or could they. I think there’s other applications for this; military or otherwise.

A liquid hydrocarbon fuel is significant as it fits our current gasoline and oil infrastructure. It can be easily transported via the pipeline or hauled to a gas station. And, it would work in ordinary petro-based engines.

You never know, the ‘last gas station for 400 miles’ may have a huge mirror attached to it and they make their own gas and no longer have to buy it.

If you like going green this is the sweet spot of recycling.

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L. Henry Jr.

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