WordPress Plug-in: Why I Deactivated ONLYWIRE

Onlywire_thumb Wordpress Plug-in: Why I Deactivated ONLYWIREAs a blogger, trying to get your stuff out there to be seen is an interesting process. You’ve got to be careful of those would be helpers, because they may not be.

When I found ONLYWIRE, I was looking for a way to automatically submit my articles to some of the Internets blog search engines and help drive traffic to my site and ONLY WIRE seemed to fit that bill, but over the last month I just haven’t been that impressed.

It’s not completely automated and it’s not completely consistent either.

Using their service is a roll of the dice. I signed up for pretty much all the services I wanted and in exchange for their services [being the free option] I had to place a social sharing button on my site. It wasn’t exactly image friendly and I didn’t really like the layout of the options the buttons gave; they were clunky and cluttering.

The service they offer is to make sure that when you create a NEW post that the POST is provided to the various different social networks around the web; hopefully to generate some traffic and get you noticed. But with every situation [almost] there’s a catch.

Some of the social sites require a captcha. ONLYWIRE doesn’t have a relationship with those guys and what happens is you wind up having to go back to a round of sites to fill out capcha’s to get your site posted, and even worse, having to completely fill out the submission; all they’re really doing is providing a link to the various sites.

They do have a lot of social sites they’re linking to, some I’ve never even heard of before. And after checking the traffic on my site, not getting much traffic from either.

Another issue I found was that, the service was inconsistent. All the services I wanted to use were setup, but periodically the submission report would say site timed out, or ID/PW wrong or something to that affect; meaning nothing got submitted. Meaning if you want something done… do it yourself.

ONLYWIREscreenshot6_thumb Wordpress Plug-in: Why I Deactivated ONLYWIRE

And in one event particular I found that ONLYWIRE said a link was submitted, but I could never find it on the site it’ said it was… I submitted it myself and then it showed up.

The ones that have captcha’s, you’ve to finalize those. And all the services I signed up for the credentials were correct, it just would never connect or the submissions would time out. Too much at once? I don’t know.

So ONLYWIRE is able to submit some post automatically, it’s not all, and while it does help some not a lot. I’m glad that it’s a FREE option. When your dealing with services, a trial option is always nice. Both parties can walk away; no harm no foul.

Hope this helps.




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