Ubuntu 9.10 Is Great… But WTF is with Adobe?

ubuntuadobejustwork_thumb Ubuntu 9.10 Is Great… But WTF is with Adobe?I’m not messing with an Operating System that’s got such an issue with getting a browser to work. Ubuntu us a great Operating System, but damn, it’s not supported enough.

I give props to all the people that are really pushing it and I’d love to step away from Microsoft Windows, but the fact is that Windows is supported in one form or another, this version or that and has greater support for a myriad of hardware.

My example, Ubuntu is making great strides and infiltrating portable Internet devices, but it’s almost like it’s too specific. People can’t deal with it’s complexities, nuances and command line requirements; the average user is not jumping through hoops to install FLASH. They want to click and install it…


Ubuntu likes to say the Operating System for the HUMAN; I say not quite.

ubuntuFLASH_thumb Ubuntu 9.10 Is Great… But WTF is with Adobe?

It’s supposed to be the Operating System that just works, and it’s just not.

And the ‘slap in the face’ to Ubuntu is the lack of support for the Operating System itself by other companies like Adobe.

And there’s a probably a level of understanding that’s eluding, but people want to just choose Ubuntu to install FLASH, but this isn’t the case; it’s Ubuntu version specific. From the Adobe website it’s v8.04+

Well, version 9 is out and 9.10 is getting ready to be released in 5 days and there’s no way to use the Operating System because there’s not Adobe FLASH installer.

UbunutfailedFLASHinstall_thumb Ubuntu 9.10 Is Great… But WTF is with Adobe?

From a general standpoint and just sticking with the basics, when you load Ubuntu [or any new Operating System] and start to try to use it, it’s got a lot a cool features and the GUI has improved so much in the past few years. But it’s going to require an option to do a  few things right out of the box.

1. Browse the web.

2. check email.

3. Instant Message

Ubuntu has good options for 2-3, but option one is utterly so important.

Just about anyone could switch to Ubuntu if the majority of the applications they use are web based, but at the same time FLASH is a basic requirement of the modern browser. Adobe is clearly slapping Ubuntu with this type of disregard for its position.

If Adobe can’t give Ubuntu the respect it deserves or if Ubuntu can’t find a mid-point with Adobe on their short comings, I don’t see how Ubuntu can make it in to the hands of regular users. To coin a phrase, ‘it just has to work’.


L. Henry Jr.

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