Oct 31 2009

Installing Adobe Flash on Ubuntu 9.10 – Just works.

Ubuntujustwork_thumb Installing Adobe Flash on Ubuntu 9.10 -  Just works.

One of the first things your going to need with Ubuntu 9.10 is FLASH player. I’m still not real happy with Ubuntu and Adobe on this mess; it’s just stupid.

How in the world is a new person to Ubuntu to understand half the gibberish crap about terminal commands, the tweaks to get the FLASH player installed?

While the Ubuntu forums are swarmed with them… this is what I did, it worked and it was painless in comparison to going to Adobe’s website to install the latest .DEB.

menusynapticmanagerscreenshot_thumb Installing Adobe Flash on Ubuntu 9.10 -  Just works.

Notice: Download ALL the Operating System updates FIRST before going through this process.

Go to the Synaptic Manger; from the menu at the top choose system> Administration> Synaptic Package Manager.

It’s going to open another window titled Synaptic Package Manger.

FlashUbuntuscreenshot_thumb Installing Adobe Flash on Ubuntu 9.10 -  Just works.While some people really don’t like this feature. I like the fact that Ubuntu asks me when major changes are being made to the system or if you’re going to access the admin sections of the Operating System.

At the top right, use the top search box. Type in the search term, ‘FLASH’.

Your going to get some results for FLASH; look for:



UbuntuSynapticscreenshot_thumb Installing Adobe Flash on Ubuntu 9.10 -  Just works.

Put a checkbox next to those items. Once that’s done it should look like this [below].

UbuntuSelectedscreenshot_thumb Installing Adobe Flash on Ubuntu 9.10 -  Just works.

Apply the changes.

Flashinstallationubuntuss_thumb Installing Adobe Flash on Ubuntu 9.10 -  Just works.

The software will install… I didn’t have any issues.

installingflashubuntuscreenshot_thumb Installing Adobe Flash on Ubuntu 9.10 -  Just works.

After the installation, I was advised that Firefox needed to be restarted for the setting changes to take place. okay done; opened Firefox again, went to YOUTUBE and picked a random video- it worked [below].

FlashworkingUbuntuscreenshot_thumb Installing Adobe Flash on Ubuntu 9.10 -  Just works.

I hope this worked for you…

L. Henry Jr.

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  • Luner


    You could have simply gone to the “Software Store” and installed Flash there.

    This isn't the 1990s anymore, Linux is simple.

    • The term 'easy' is debatable if your used to Linux. I'm looking at it
      through the view of new eyes. The point was that you can't install FLASH
      based on the instructions from Firefox or from Adobe; it doesn't work-
      it errors out. And there's not straight doc on how to install it- it
      seems like a bunch of TERMINAL hacks and workarounds. But if you can get
      some basic stuff going; Ubuntu is easier to handle.

      Thanks for your comments.

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  • Rafael

    Holy crap… i've beeing trying to get flash running for a while now and it was making me mad, my first time using linux and im quite lost with it, thanks a lot your method worked indeed.

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  • alfred

    it worked for me…thanx

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  • krt

    Thanks for the guidance – worked like a charm once I reloaded.

    • I'm happy that everything worked out for you.
      Have a nice day!

  • Thanks so much! I just installed Ubuntu on an old laptop and this got flash working perfect!

    • I'm happy that everything worked out for you.
      Happy Holidays to ya!

  • ap

    If only all computer instructions were this simple and straightforward…. Thank you.

  • Sathya

    Fantastic. Thank you for the instructions. Totally agree with the comment on making it simple for new users to Linux. Guess, thats why Microsoft still sells :).

  • Thank you! I'm new to Ubuntu and I was having a bad time trying to install flash. This method is completely painless.

  • Sandstrand

    Nice to see a guide installing without all the command line gibberish that the more experience users tend to prefer and use. Thumbs up!

    Been playing with the idea to create a site with only GUI methods used to fix problems, seems like most of the users of ubuntu/linux from the past 2 years prefer GUI when possible and also makes it easier on the freshly minted users.

  • Will

    Outstanding. Thanks for your help mate, was almost on the verge of returning to windows…



    • Did you get all your system updates prior to trying these steps?

      • Gazza

        Hi, v.new linux user here. I just installed 9.10 on my ps3. I updated like advised, but like the previous comment the needed results arent coming up after searching for FLASH. Any ideas? BTW I also tried the Terminal approach and got the following msg:
        Package flashplugin-nonfree is not available, but is referred to by another package.
        This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
        is only available from another source
        E: Package flashplugin-nonfree has no installation candidate

        Thanks for the site, and your help.

        • you've to download your system updates first… download all the
          system updates first… then try it.



          L. Henry Jr.


          • Gazza

            Thanks for the quick reply. But still no go unfortunately. I?e done System>admin>update manager>check etc.. and my system is up to date. I then loaded Synaptic Package Manager, and typed in FLASH. The only options that i'm getting are 'flashblock' and 'flashybrid', no flashplugins . I even just installed all of the Karmic 'Pre-release' updates. Is there perhaps a repository I have to add for 'other software'? Sorry if im missing something obvious here.

  • diego-ch

    sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree

    • yes.. this should work too from a TERMINAL window.
      I appreciate it…

  • David

    thanks a lot 🙂 works great, just some cracking sound from time to time but guess thats some sound driver problem

  • Mark

    It works for me! Thank God you heaven sent!

  • Katelyn

    hey thank you for this. I tried going through the website and it didn't work. This worked well for me.

    • thank you, I appreciate your comments. It makes me happy when I know that I have helped someone fix the problem.
      Have a nice day!

  • Thanks alot for the useful information. Nowadays, in these Ubuntu versions, Flash works like a charm !

  • tatiana

    hi…. do U have some info about the problem of audio

  • Mr. clueless

    This Isn’t **** Working!!!!!!!!!! What Are The Operating System Updates I Need To Download!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I Am Getting Sick Of Not Being Able To Do Jack **** Because Ubuntu Doesn’t Wanna **** Work With Adobe Flash!!!!!!!! Someone Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • There\’s no need for all foul language.This is not a tech-support forum. I\’m not sure what you\’re concerned about flash anyway, flash is dead. It\’s not even required anymore. Adobe is abandoning flash on mobile devices and is just a matter of time before desktop PCs [like Ubuntu] no longer have a requirement for flash at all.

      but, Thanks for your comments…

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