Where’s the ‘Presto’ Version of the Windows Operating System


image_thumb32 Where’s the ‘Presto’ Version of the Windows Operating System Presto is a release that allows the PC or the laptop to boot almost instantly [just a couple seconds] and I’m wondering where’s the Presto version of Windows Vista/7?

I mean why can’t Microsoft offer a quick boot version of their Operating System just for baseline operations? If you really wanted to boot in to the full Operating System that should still be an option…

For instance, once the Operating System is loaded and all the drivers are working and everything is in place; why can’t you’ve the option to power on your PC or laptop in to a stripped down version of Windows. I mean if all I wanto to do is browse the web or just get web access, why doesn’t Microsoft just offer a quick boot option for this?

It seems like a simple idea and I think it would meet a lot of peoples basic needs.

What do you think?


Update 09/25/2009:


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