VOIP: Everywhere You Want To Be

image_thumb17 VOIP: Everywhere You Want To Be I’ve already posted that I think ISP’ are going to change to to ‘media company’, but the more interesting thing is the communication lines like telephone.

It’s not enough to have a phone line anymore; full well, Verizon isn’t interested in land line phone connections anymore. Just about every Internet connection is going to offer VOIP service. The old days of the land line are going away.

Instant Message services have been offering VOIP for years with their services, but now the major carriers are finding out they can have VOIP and just about anyone with an Internet connection can have phone service.

Facebook Instant Message is going to have VOIP capabilities here soon.

Who can offer it?

VOIP is really just a protocol. Anyone with an Internet connection can have VOIP, even 56k’rs [but don’t expect wonders]. Whether the VOIP is routed via a converter box, USB adapter, through the PC or other ways, the signal has to be converted and transmitted. So, it’s just a signal and now any programmer in the world can start his or her new phone company; just create a great interface and good performance and your in business.

Because it’s not about the phone lines anymore, it’s about the Internet connection. If you’ve one, you’ve phone service. It’s that simple.

People like Vonage, GIZMO Project and Skype have realized for a while now.


The benefits..

VOIP offers great man options that traditional land lines don’t offer. Not counting the obvious benefit of being able to access the phone system remotely, via the Internet, getting the call logs, voice mail and easily adjust how your phone system works; the traffic is being routed through network lines dynamically. Regular lines did this too, but this is through the Internet.

The voice quality from all my experiences is better. The voice is converted to digital, enhanced and sent to the other person. The voices are sampled,  adjusted and made to sound as clear as possible.

You’re not  restricted by a land line. You don’t require a physical line to your house or phone to have VOIP; it’s Internet based so, again, anywhere there’s a connection, your on.

The way these systems work, it’s not based on a physical location, it’s based on a connection and your connection info. For instance, you can take a device like ‘The Magic Jack’ and plug it in anywhere in the world and have a phone connection, as long as you’ve a network connection.

The cost is lower. And it should be. Everything that I’ve priced out comes out lower than any telephone providers traditional services would be. VOIP uses your existing Internet connection, there’s no separate land line. You’re basically paying for software and connection somewhere in the world and this should be pretty easy to maintain for them.


And what’s the problem?

Emergency services for one. The long established 911 service is broken with this one. I’m not saying it’s absent, but there are catches. With VOIP it’s a network connection, you could be anywhere, so the VOIP providers need to be using something like E911. Your 911 calls via VOIP are geo-located and then routed to the nearest emergency 911 office.

You can’t FAX with VOIP [not consistently]. Some say you can, but I’ve never got it to work. It’s been reported if you slow the FAX speed down to 9600 baud it’ll work because it handle the communications handshaking process better and error correction takes over.. boulder dash.

If your Internet connection goes out, your phone service is out. But that’s basically what you’ve got now, with the exception of wireless.

The communications; tapping wires to listen in on conversations used to be a high level thing. But since the communications are going over the Internet and it’s hitting router after router after router, it’s just a matter of finding a person that wants to know, to sit down and decrypt the packets, put them together and then listen to what you’ve to say. Honestly, there’s not much difference than what we have now; it’s just a little easier for them.


I like the fact tat someone is putting the screws to the phone companies and making them try to create a better product; it’s competition. But the phone companies aren’t going to be able to compete in this market, they’ll fold, focus on ISP service and switch to VOIP as well.


Seems like there’s a whole bunch’a changes coming…

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