Sep 05 2009

Rummages from Internet for September 5th

Here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at…

AT&T you suck. I waited all day yesterday and still nothin… I’m checking with the other ISP options…. [lehenryjr]
I talked to Debbie, AT&T exec offices. She can’t confirm a svc visit. I told her, for a communications company- you don’t communicate well. [lehenryjr]
AT&T was finally able to come out. The twister of crap is over. The issue was they didn’t have the right wires hooked up. I’m good now… [lehenryjr]
Technology is a testament & reminder of how lazy we all can be & how much we want to forget… Children have been replaced with TV remotes. [lehenryjr]
Post: My Transformers are back on display! ( [lehenryjr]
If your TV is bigger than your car… you clearly have issues… TV’s don’t use gas. [lehenryjr]

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