Dragon NaturallySpeaking coming to Blackberry [first]

image_thumb14 Dragon NaturallySpeaking coming to Blackberry [first] Nuance is still working on the release of their Dragon NaturallySpeaking for smart phones. While the release for the iPhone is still planned, it seems to be delayed a bit. The first release or beta testing of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for a smart phone will be for the Blackberry.

The release of the iPhone version is slated for release later this year… This is still very exciting news.

With everyone I’ve spoken to, they are very interested in this ability; the ability to dictate a blog from their phone.

We are very close to the Blackberry solution — we’re about to launch a public beta of that capability. The first beta will be limited to only some devices and only on a couple of networks to start. It turns out that supporting the different networks is different based on the varying features that they offer in their networks.

Peter Mahoney
SVP and GM of Nuance Communications


According to Nuance,the initial abilities will be to dictate to a few limited applications, notes and email; hopefully web and blogging abilities too.

And to clarify, I’m not talking about recording the conversation and then playing it back for transcription; this is on the fly speech to text immediately. Nuance link.

This actually seems very novel. I envision all the people going home in the afternoon with their iPhones [and maybe a headset] and they are blogging about their day as they drive home. The drive home is always that time people want to vent and ramble about their day to someone. Not only would they be able to vent their thoughts, but blog at the same time with very little effort.

Or if you’re a writer with this ability and suddenly your inspired and the perfect ending or scene comes in to your head, you can instantly capture it in a story and have it for later without risk of forgetting or letting a single detail slip away.

I’ll keep you posted on any more updates.


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