Jul 15 2009

Product Rip-off: Printers and Ink cartridges

image_thumb1 Product Rip-off: Printers and Ink cartridges When you go out to buy a printer, you need something to print the crap your getting from the web or that stupid report that your boss wants and my problem with this is the fact the printers are usually ‘basically’ given away.

The ink that you’ve to use for the printers are more expensive than the printers themselves.

In most cases, if you’ve to buy 3 ink cartridges you would’ve bought a whole new printer for the same cost… and got a new set of ink cartridges.

I’m going to use the Lexmark z2320 Printer. It’s a small printer and can be found just about anywhere, but since I’m talking about it, I saw one at Wal-mart and was just floored to see what a little research can do…

So here’s this little $30 printer on sale, and for a second it seems like it would be a good deal, but what’s the deal next time I need ink; what’s the cost for replacement ink cartridge?

image_thumb2 Product Rip-off: Printers and Ink cartridgesNot so good.

I took a quick snapshot of the prices from the store shelves. The ink is basically $21 and color is $2 more.

So when I need to get ink for this new printer [because most printers only come with a partially filled ink cartridge] it’s going to cost basically $44; and that’s the first time.

I can buy 10 gallons of milk, fill my car with gas for 2 weeks or eat at a decent burger joint 5 times for the same cost! Gheeze, what’s in the ink [gold]? Why so high?

Even the refurbished ink cartridges are high.

And the manufactures don’t seem to offer any kind of idea as to how long these ink cartridges should last/how many pages before refill. It’s easy for them to just leave out that information because the goal is for them to keep getting you to buy the INK, but if you’re shopping for a TONER cartridge- those report a ‘page yield’ [how many pages to expect from this cartridge].

Just doing some searches on the web, there’s many people with the same complaint on inkjet printers and ink. Regardless of the make and model, the ink cartridges seem to only last about 200 pages and it’s time to fork out some more dough.

Doing some quick math that’s 0.22 per page and I think Kinko’s prints pages for less than that.

My thoughts are that if the bulk of my printing is black and white, I’d get a laser printer and save the color stuff for other printer when it’s important.

You’ll save money in the long run.

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