LEHSYS Report – July 31st 2009

image_thumb32 LEHSYS Report – July 31st 2009 The site is a constant work in progress. It’s a labor of love you might say.

Someone was asking me the other day, why I maintained my site, and it’s the same reason it was 3 years ago, it’s to share information I have with others who may not know and to offer helpful insight. If I’m doing this, and it’s appreciated, I’m happy with that.

This is my monthly report card/progress report.


The traffic thru the site this month has been good, but it’s actually down from last month. There’s some things that seem to be happening the traffic over the last week, in comparison to the last three weeks has been consistently higher. I’m approaching 17000 page views this month.

image_thumb32 LEHSYS Report – July 31st 2009

July 24th was my biggest day with a story about iPhone complaints. I was able to rake in about 3056 hits that day.

The average number of RSS feeds is around 15 and my Alexa rankings jumped several hundred thousand since placing the badge on my site.

Operating System’s
The top operating system is still XP. I’ve to say XP is really testing the bonds on Operating System usage. Vista has been out for several years and Windows 7 is going to be released in October 2009; and yet it’s still the preferred Operating System- that’s impressive.

Firefox 3 is still the most popular browser by far on my site [4669 visitors]. And for all those using Firefox, I think your better for it and your safer. The ironic thing is that in the last month, with all the crusades to end the life of IE6, it’s really been a strong application this month. I don’t know really what to say about it. Everyone wants IE6 dead and gone [even youtube is killing it] and yet here it is…

image_thumb33 LEHSYS Report – July 31st 2009

Site Changes

I added some POLLs to the  site. Removed bdages and functions where they were not needed. I also added a  ‘sign in widget’ and a ‘coming soon’ widget.

I’m trying to keep the stories simple and under 1000 words. I think this holds attention better.

I want to make some changes to the site configuration, I don’ thave a lot fo PHP/WP experience s it may take some time to.

I don’t have anymore intentions for Plug-ins right now; I think everything is on course right about now.


Obviously my site is not a cash cow, but it’s trying to make some money for me. I’ve signed up for ProjectWonderful.com and AdBrite.com to handle the advertising on my site. I’ll say that having AdBrite only a few weeks has yielded some good results.

ProjectWonderful has some good points and bad. The issue I’ve with PW is that people are taking advantage of the system. I understand the concept of free advertisements, but it’s the same people over and over camping on my site to put their free ads on my site that have no bearing the content being offered.

While I’ve several places I’ve signed up, I’m only using two right now.

The Google AdSense team is bunch of douche bags. Their customer service sucks. I’ve emailed them several times and they have declined each time, or not provided an answer; I gave them every piece of information I had and yet they never responded with a reason why the canceled/suspended my account. They can cancel your account if they feel the website is suspicious and then your banned for life. It’s a tyrannical business model.

It’s really hard to make people understand or realize your site is ad supported. If they never see the ads, they could never click on them; that’s where the real money is. When an ad is viewed you’re rewarded with a very small amount, but when visitors take the time to actually click on the ads thesite own really wins;even if the person has no intentions of buying anything- if they simply click on the ads ; it’s a huge revenue difference.


I managed to crank out 16 articles this month on current affairs and technology. They were all pretty well received. When I don’t get really angry or off the wall comments, I think it’s a good article.

As usual I thank you for dropping by. If you have any questions, please contact me.




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