Jul 20 2009

Blogs/Bloggers are killing the NEWSPAPER

image_thumb7 Blogs/Bloggers are killing the NEWSPAPER Technology is really pushing through on providing information. If you’re not getting your news from DIGG, Twitter, Facebook [like CNN] or some other social networking outlet you can get the traditional day old news via the Newspaper.

I don’t know how much longer the NEWSPAPER can hold out.

Bloggers and social media don’t have a paper to print, no distribution to worry about and there’s no industrial machines to care for.

The bloggers are sitting at home with their PC’s typing their stories and posting directly [immediately] for the world to see.

But wait, are bloggers reporters? Are they any less valid than a Newspaper?

Newpapers have a editor and a reputation to uphold. You want to think that when your reading something out of the newspaper that it’s real, in actuality you’ve no reason to believe it, other than it’s written in black and white.

Bloggers can provide rich content to support their position. They have pictures, video and links to support everything they’re reporting on. And while Bloggers may not have an editor, they can still effectively communicate. Their message is still heard.

Used to be that you would need to take years of spelling, grammar, writing and English courses to be an accomplished writer. Now it’s not so hard. You’ve a spell check and if you can speak you can write it.

And non of this makes what they say any less important.

Common sense has to be used in either case. You can’t just expect the newspaper to be 100% truthful; it can be misled and misinformed. They report on exactly what they have, what they collected, but this is what the blogger is doing too, but with a blogger they provide you the references right there. You can click and read or watch for your self.

Big newspapers have huge expenses; they have brick and mortar, writers/staff to maintain, health benefits and when your talking money; the dollar can talk. And when the dollar speaks you’ve to listen because it’s going to make the difference or not your a business or not. Newspapers and bloggers are both supported by ads, but now the bloggers are getting the spot lights placed on them for their individual efforts/failures.

There’s plenty of circulation about several newspapers and magazines going under. It’s the nature of the beast. Technology has past the newspaper and there’s a lot more bloggers than there are reporters; It’s just a matter of time before the old method collapses.


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