Plasma TV’s outlook is snowy

image-thumb47 Plasma TV’s outlook is snowy If your a plasma TV owner you should know they are prone to fail from the get-go.

Plasma TV’s have a great picture and are lower in price in comparison to LCD TV’s, but the issue is that plasma TV’s get hot and once they start getting too hot the signal to turn the pixels on and off get lost and the result is the multi-colored [green, red, blue, black, etc] dots start showing up in the picture where they shouldn’t.

Take for instance the Magnavox 50MF. I’ve had some experience with this plasma TV and I worked with it for about 8 months [apparently a break in period] and for the 8 months I had one it was fine, but after that I noticed some issues.


A recommendation to you, and what I did, purchase the 1yr warranty on the TV when you buy  it-I’m glad I did since I had to got through this experience. But my issue is common with plasma TV’s. A lot of people have reported it and thus they are prone to fail from the time they are manufactured.

What happens to the TV, the more use it, the more the components break down and the electrical circuits capacitors break down [break in would be a better term] and when this happens, this is when your going to start having your issue.

The problem is non-existent when you first power on your TV, but in 15 minutes [or less] the screen will begin to speckle with multicolored dots/snow; mainly in the middle of the picture. This is most noticeable if you like to watch TV in the dark.

The correction is easy, but not without calling a service tech.

The remedy is to take the TV from the mount, take off the back of the TV and make an adjustment to a tiny little screw. The adjustment is not rocket science; you turn the screw until the snow goes away. These are the exact words of the tech that came to my home. And even doing this, it’s not guaranteed. It will have to be adjusted again as the TV gets older [breaks in more].

The service call was free for me [cause I bought the warranty], but otherwise your average Joe it could cost $80-150; to turn a screw to a non-specific point.

Yeah, your first question is why isn’t this a automatic type of adjustment. Sounds like a money make for the technicians; make a faulty product and charge for warranty and service calls.

Now the TV I’m referencing is now discontinued, but all plasma TV’s have this issue. They get really hot and tend to have the same basic problems.

Large plasma TV’s have a average lifespan of 60k hours [give or take] and racking in at about 10-12 years. They consume a lot  power; averaging about 300-400 watts. This is where you get all that heat. LCD TV’s have a longer life, use less power and would be my next choice for a TV.


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