‘Irritatingly Talented’ pays off!

image-thumb38 ‘Irritatingly Talented’ pays off!Being ‘irritatingly talented’ never really gets old; that’s what my sister calls me. My other sister calls me by another name, from which I’ll not post here, but I know she loves me a little.

Back in late last year, my sister bought a bargain laptop from Wal-mart for $300 [with my endorsement, so hush]. Considering what she had, or had not, it was perfect for her and she has been well pleased with it for the past several months, but the other day she texted me and let me know the ‘blankity-blank-blank thing’ crashed [I think those were actually the words]. All so very colorful…

She described to me what was going on and that she was all so frustrated about the whole thing, and yes, I’d be too, but she was calling me to see if I could fix it.

Now this was going to be a good one. Fixing a laptop from 850+ miles away, while I’m at work, on a cell phone, at lunch [almost over] and it’s hot outside; it’s Texas- we have one month of winter.

She’s already given/told me all the things she’s done to this thing to try and get it resolved and she took it to the local computer shop where the technician didn’t even get out his seat before telling her they would ship it out to HP.

This is so funny.

So the ‘problem’ is that the laptop won’t come ON anymore.

The power lights won’t even come on and the dig-bat at the ‘computer store’ says it’s the monitor.

WHY do these places try to take advantage of people like this?

First, the tech didn’t even get off his butt to look at the issue. Second, she’s getting tech advice from the chick at the register that used to be in charge of ‘…opening the coffee can’ [where she got reassigned after neglecting her IQ]. This is picture perfect for loosing a customer for life.

It takes days, weeks, months or years to get a customer and 10 seconds to loose them; bad monkey.

So the issue is the power really, everything was ‘working’ prior to the reboot.

Thinking like a computer and understanding how hardware works; it really pays off sometimes. And other times you can take a hammer to it and tell the hardware ‘this is how I work…’ 😉

Now, older laptops you could do this- you could take the battery out and run the laptop without the battery, but some are now requiring the battery to complete the circuit. So, without the battery, there’s no power and if the battery is bad- ‘you no work’y’.

So the HP rep says send it in, the computer store says send it in. I say swap out the battery…

It’s important to note here that if she had sent in her laptop to be fixed they probably would’ve wiped her hard drive and everything on here machine and sent it back to her a blank slate. Places like that don’t care about your life, your pictures, your bills or your business—so make sure you’ve a backup before you send your system off for repair.

Luckily, my mom and my sister have the same laptop [same exact model].

I tell her this little thing to do, she zips over to my mom’s house rips out the battery and slams it in to her machine [this may be the factual event]and the next thing I know I’ve a crazy person from my cell phone screaming in my ear telling me thanks and how awesome I am and she’s just so happy to have her computer back!

It’s the small things in life that are really rewarding… I got the biggest smile from that.

Nothing is for free. I advised her that payment for this service is a big hug; I look forward to collecting when I’m in town next.

Thanks for reading!


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