Dragon NaturallySpeaking ‘Essentials’ customers still get no respect

image_thumb9 Dragon NaturallySpeaking ‘Essentials’ customers still get no respect I’m so very disappointed in Nuance on the level of customer support they are giving to ‘essentials’ customers. It’s almost bad comedy.

Imagine, if you will,  that you’re a plain Jane/John customer at the local Target. You go in buy your copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and you install it and everything is hunky-dory and then [couple months later] when it’s time to get the update, your not eligible.

Even after months of debates, notices and commentaries on the behalf of the ‘essentials’ customers, Nuance as yet to recognize them on their support website. They don’t even mention the ‘nuance’ that they don’t offer free updates to ‘essentials’ customers’.

I went to Nuance’s website today to see if anything had changed after 3 months since the release of [update] Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.1; nothing. Nothing has changed.

I took a screenshot to prove my point.

It’s been presented several times and discussed and even agreed upon that the ‘essentials’ customers are being discriminated against like Rosa Parks at the back of the bus, but yet this doesn’t seem to sway the cognizant thinking at Nuance.

image_thumb10 Dragon NaturallySpeaking ‘Essentials’ customers still get no respectTrivial facts on ‘essentials’ support:

1. ‘essentials’ is not even listed as a supported product.

2. They don’t disclose that ‘essentials’ is not eligible for a free upgrade. They are going to make you call to find that out.

3. Although it’s offered, they don’t mention you can upgrade to standard for $50.

4. If you do upgrade to standard, you can’t download it. You have to have it shipped to you; shipping and handling charges apply.

5. Don’t bother trying the product key you got with the ‘essentials’, the product is considered invalid on the support page.

5. Although reported [unconfirmed] you’ll have to pay for the call ($19) to Nuance customer support to get all this information.


It’s bad customer service practices, but all this may be a moot point for Nuance.

The ‘essentials’ package may be out the door anyway. Nuance doesn’t seem to want to offer a level playing field for Dragon NaturallySpeaking support; it doesn’t offer full disclosure on this and if you call for support [reportedly] they try to get you to upgrade directly to ‘standard’- that’s pushy sales tactics.

Nuance may try to pull the Dragon NaturallySpeaking ‘Essentials’ package from Target as soon as possible because of these points. The monetary impact of the product is the reason for the withdrawal. They said very clearly; they don’t make enough money off of the product to warrant an update/upgrade- thus the push to upgrade to ‘standard’.

One of the key points to customer support and reducing overhead costs of support is to make sure customers are advised; negating the call to customer support. Or disclosing the circumstances of the ‘essentials’ product line.

It’s a website; it’s a matter of changing/adding a few words. –but no.

I just wanted you to be and informed consumer.


Thanks for reading!

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