Dragon NaturallySpeaking coming to the iPhone

image-thumb30 Dragon NaturallySpeaking coming to the iPhone I wrote an article a while back about cell phones and voice recognition, and I eluded to the phones being able to understand your voice and then write your emails and texts.

Well it’s looking like Nuance is doing just that… ‘…they read my mind’ or my blog, but anyways-

Nuance is currently working on a application/development that would bring voice recognition to your iPhone and Blackberry [initially].

The idea seems to be to be able to harness the power of the iPhone [or smart phones] and allow them to accept dictation, to speak out emails or write in to applications that are installed; this is to include being able to dictate text messages as well.

While the idea of converting voice to text, to be sent as text, to another phone seems odd to me, I can see the applications  of being able to dictate to other applications on the iPhone.

A lot of people use the iPhone or Smartphone’s to do all kinds of business. Having the ability to talk to others now with these devices, is really a side effect in comparison to all they can do. Nuance tends to test that theory.

There’s a collective of people that will use their iPhone to record themselves and then use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to transcribe the conversation later; with this, life will improve for those people.

Ultimately you could be on a plane dictating a memo to a customer/client and doing a few emails while your traveling and have it all ready when you  get back, to round everything out… It could be very productive.

And not to forget the bloggers, this could be powder keg blogging explosion. With just about all phones having cameras, Internet access, coupled with voice recognition, you could be looking at longer stories, more information, more frequent posts and people spending less time at their desks typing away.

As an experienced Dragon NaturallySpeaking user, I’d suspect they will recommend you to use a headset for better accuracy, but it may not be required. But for as many people have now walking around with head sets and ear pieces you can start looking for the business types using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to try to get ahead of the curve.

Nuance is in development right now and is several weeks from any kind of public testing release. Existing customers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking are eligible to sign up for the testing, but I don’t have anything on that right now.

I’ll keep you updated.

Update 09/15/2009

I was updated the other day. Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been installed on an iPhone is being alpha tested right now. Beta testing should be out in a couple of weeks.


Update October 14, 2009

In an email with Peter Mahoney, the SVP and GM of Nuance, the development of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the iPhone is still underway and is currently in beta. From my earlier information the application for the iPhone will be for emails, text documents and blogging. I hope to have more information soon.


Update 12/08/2009

The release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the iPhone has happened and for a limited time the application for the iPhone is free. So you better hurry!


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