May 04 2009

TWC: Overages- Not Charged Until You Sign Up to be Monitored…

image-thumb TWC: Overages- Not Charged Until You Sign Up to be Monitored… Time Warner Cable is agreeably the worst Internet provider right now. They’re practicing old dial-up and metering services for Internet service. In the locations where TWC is ‘beta testing’ this new method of billing customer’s they have this online metering service that informs the customer how much surfing they have left before they start using their service.

By the way, you’ve to use your bandwidth to check your bandwidth, to see if you’re over your bandwidth limit. It’s like banks charging a NSF fee when they know you don’t have any money.

Now when your installed the tech says you’ll get a automated email to sign up; Don’t. Matter of fact, don’t even use their email.

Apparently, if you don’t sign up for the monitoring service, the boys at Time Warner Cable won’t know to bill you.

I’ve a friend that lives in Beaumont, TX and he signed up for Time Warner Cable the install tech said he would get an email to handle the monitoring, well since he never checked it and signed up, he never got a bill for use overages.

But with all the ‘who-ha’ over transfer caps & such he made the mistake for signing up to see how he was doing. Bam! Now he’s getting zapped with overages every month.

It’s transparent as hell what they’re doing and it’s not a ‘educational issue’ their dealing with…

Cable companies can’t handle the bandwidth requirements for their customers now. They didn’t account for their customer traffic requirements. Cable Internet service is a bottle neck. All the traffic is shared. The cable companies can’t handle it; that’s the truth!

In response to the load on their network they’re changing their business model. Removing the ‘unlimited’ portion from their offers and keeping the money. They’re not using the money to build and expand; handling the traffic as they should. Now they’re filtering, shaping, monitoring and restricting traffic or blocking it altogether.

The ISP’s are going to try to block every other option you’ve to get alternative media, but if you just use their’s it’s free or comparable; that’s unfair.

Time Warner Cable is getting a lot of flack from this issue and rightfully so, but they’re not alone. The other ISP’s that are doing this are just as guilty. Time Warner Cable is being used as the guinea pig; they’re the ones who decided to go Nazi on their customer base and impose some of the stupidest limits on bandwidth ever.

ISP’s are not nice people. They have customers in the palm of their hand and they think they can squeeze anytime they want; it looks like some pissed off customers are squeezing back.

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