Internet Explorer 8: A Choice, not THE Choice.

image-thumb19 Internet Explorer 8: A Choice, not THE Choice. Microsoft established it’s self as the conqueror years ago, but it wasn’t because Internet Explorer was better; it’s because it was free. AND Microsoft was pushing the updates out thru the automatic updates.

Microsoft established themselves in the market as the dominate browser then once they had it they sat back and didn’t do anything. All the security issues and problems were handled on their schedule and millions of users were suffering.

I stopped using Internet Explorer with v5 wh en I was infected with about 12 malware programs in just about as many seconds; I couldn’t stop it, and it took me about 3 hours to get it returned to normal.

Since then I’ve used Firefox and never looked back. I’ve never had a problem with sites trying to infect my machine.

The main issue I’ve with Internet Explorer is that it’s too close to the Operating System. There’s plenty of opportunity for security breaches.

While Microsoft obviously has realized they’re in the dog house right now, and they’ve made some changes, they’re going to try to push these updates out the customers again to regain dominance in the market. Because whoever controls the market, gets to make the rules or set the standards.

It’s important to remember that Microsoft Internet Explorer is the only browser on the market that does not comply with W3C on web compliance; meaning that what you see in Internet Explorer is not what you’ll see in every other browser. The information and the images are rendered differently.

This update Microsoft is going to push out, iI requires the user to opt-out of it. The average user is going to see this as a CRITICAL update and simply apply it.

There’s nothing wrong with service patches and updates for an Operating System, but pusing out Internet Explorer as a CRITICAL download is deceptive.


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