Apr 09 2009

Dragon NaturallySpeaking ‘Essentials’ Customers: No Updates for you!

image-thumb13 Dragon NaturallySpeaking ‘Essentials’ Customers: No Updates for you! I’m very disappointed in Nuance.

I saw on the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Facebook {April 8th 2009} that Nuance has decided not to support or honor their earlier statements to support the ‘Essentials’ customers.

For months, Dragon NaturallySpeaking customers have been promised updates. Nuance is showing that they are not people of their word.

They have practiced deception and discrimination with their ‘Essentials’ customers. They knew- they knew they were not going to support those customers and said nothing; announced nothing.

They wait until there’s a release/update and then unload on those customers the bad news.

So now, not only is Nuance not going to help the v9 customers they are dropping the v10 Essentials customers because they didn’t spend enough on the other suites.


Mr. Mahoney…

There are not that many Essentials customers out there, so we prioritized the 10.1 update later.  They also paid significantly less for the product than other customers – and bought something that had limited functionality.

I appreciate all of our customers, but we have to prioritize when we do things. 

Prioritize doesn’t mean telling customers, “your the only ones we don’t give a crap about.” Prioritize means it’s not going to be now, but later.


Why does a company do this? Change their support policy in mid-stream? Why do they commit to support for something and then change their mind? Because they are not honorable.


Comment from Nuance customer…

Nuances website is a maze of no help. I am really angry and will not buy any more products from them. You have two choices, deal with it yourself and figure it out or PAY them to help you and tell you, we can’t help you! ( but you still have to pay them, just so you know.) What kind of business is that?

Nuances website is not user friendly. And although I’m signed up for newsletter and updates, I’ve yet to get one.


Nuance should enjoy their current status. Not everyone is going to pay $1000 for Voice Recognition and when Microsoft refines theirs, it’ll be free and it’s very hard to compete with free. And at which time this software line will die.


Nuance customer thanking me for helping them…

Thanks so much for the work that went into the workaround and (more importantly) into getting Nuance to respond more correctly to its paid supporters (I’ve been following this issue for quite some time as have a lot of people)! Regarding your statement “if you spent more than $100; the reason not to buy a new version grows exponentially,” I heartily agree.

I wonder if Nuance has ever gotten a email from someone/anyone that genuinely wants to say thanks for helping me…


And if it’s not from the competition, it’s going to be from the costs, customer disloyalty, support and nickel & dime strategy.


Response from Nuance for Essentials users…
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.1 installs and runs on Vista 64-bit PCs. We do not currently plan to release a 10.1 version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Essentials. However, we do understand that there may be Essentials customers that are interested in using Dragon on a Vista 64-bit machine. We’d like to offer these Essentials customers a special promotional upgrade to Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 10.1. This edition of Dragon not only works with the Vista 64-bit operating system, but it also offers Essentials customers more advanced functionality. Essentials customers can retain their existing user profiles when upgrading to Standard.

For details, please contact Nuance Customer Service at 800 654 1187.

It’s $20 to call Nuance support. Think about it.


For customers who bought Dragon NaturallySpeaking suites other than Essentials; hope that Nuance doesn’t decide your spending enough on their software and force you to buy an upgrade. See how you like it…


Thanks for reading!

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  • If you purchase a program with limited functionality it stands to reason that support will also be limited. How much do they want you to pay for the upgrade to Standard. If it’s less than $50 and you don’t want it, send me your product code [through my website] and I’ll buy it myself.

  • Peggy,
    That sounds perfectly acceptable, but if that’s the case, where’s the notice on the support differences. Why would Nuance be ubiquitous by saying all Dragon NaturallySpeaking v10 customers? Where’s the clear definition of scope of support?

    If to know I was going to get a different level of support, it would be a different story, but this was never the line of dialog that I had.

    This issue is about supporting customers and not even recognizing those customers that paid for a product. ‘Essentials’ suite normally gets updates and service patches that everyone else normally gets…

    I’ve been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking for several years. I know their routine and this decision they are making is not in line with all previous upgrades.

    And sorry, your comments are appreciated, but reluctantly, you don’t seem to have a clear spectrum from which to speak and I’m disinclined to consider your request.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Ron Dorn

    After reading your blog, and originally not knowing I had purchased the “Essentials” version from Target, I decided to upgrade to the 64-bit Standard for the “allegedly” $20. I called and placed my order. Then I get an e-mail with the order, an added $10 for shipping, and tax! And I am not in one of the states that they say they tax!

    So I call customer service and I say I only need the registration number so I can download the item – they say that it can’t be downloaded! I again explain that I don’t need the CD shipped, and that I want to download it with the link on their website – again they say it cannot be downloaded and has to be shipped!

    Gotta love a company like this – amazing they are still in business.

    • Ron,
      Yeah, Nuance is a been real POS with the ‘essentials’ users. They completely deceived them. They advertised for months ‘free’ update and then popped the bad news.

      Now they’re pulling this crap. They said hey update for this, you call Tech Support and they sell you the ‘standard’ version, but they won’t let you download it like everyone else does. They want to charge for shipping to…

      It’s like they’re soaking up the money you should have given them by buying standard initially.

      All they have to do is give you the ‘key’ and you can download it from there. Why ship it? I dunno.

      What causes an aneurism again?

      My comments are they’re doing it because you didn’t pay enough initially. It’s a product like any other product and they have shafted and punished them from the beginning.

      I’m very disappointed in their business practices. I can’t express how much I don’t like their business practices without something that includes ammo and a high cyclic rate.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Lainee

    I bought Dragon NaturallySpeaking Essentials 10 from Target about a year ago. I recently got a new computer with Windows 7. I hadn't even realized that 'Essentials' was considered a 'lower' product. I spent $60 on it and to me, that's a lot of money for something like that. I just tried to install it on my new computer, but of course, it doesn't support Windows 7 64 bit. And now I learn there's no upgrade. This is ridiculous! I bought their product, who cares if it has 'limited functionality'?? Now I have $60 less and a product I can't use. I can say I'll never buy a product from Nuance again.

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