Update: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.1 64-bit

As a registered user of Nuances Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I’m just as frustrated at the handling of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 AND 10 as everyone else is, but Nuance is close to releasing the 64-bit version of v10.

If you search the support forums over at Nuance, you’ll find articles from 2006 requesting 64-bit versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but all you’ll see is ‘…that platform is not supported’.

In September 2008, or shortly before, Nuance 64-bit users were greatly disappointed again to find Nuance had once again dismissed them. Not only had they ignored the requests from v9, but they had continued their disregard for their customers by releasing v10 with no 64-bit support.

From my initial story, back in September, the heat has been on Nuance to provide 64-bit support; but it’s not me- it’s all the customers Nuance decided to forget. Surely at first, there was that lonely voice screaming, ‘HEY- WHAT ABOUT ME?!’ and then there was a small group with Dragon NaturallySpeaking v9 walking, carrying signs and waving franticly, ‘HEY- YOU’RE MAKING ME UPSET!!’ and now, with v10, they’re hot to the touch. I  have emails among email telling me how disrespectful Nuance has been to them ‘…this is how they treat loyal customers?!’

The thing is, Nuance knows this! They knew they were ignoring the populous and now they’re alienating the customers they so much depend on. These are paying customers and the Dragon NaturallySpeaking packages are not cheap. And they haven’t so much got a apology or ‘…we’re sorry, we’re fixing it.’

See when you register, you put in your name, number and email address and to this date, Nuance has not sent me [officially] an email advising me they recognize the problem and they’re making adjustments, but I’ve emails from George Khater [Developer] and Peter Mahoney [SVP and GM]that say that basically Nuance screwed up by ignoring the 64-bit community and they have started the beta testing [February 23rd] for the next version [v10.1]. The next version should be a free update to registered Dragon NaturallySpeaking customers for v10; most likely downloading a ISO [dvd] from the website.

Basically, it’s the idiot or the group that told Nuance 64-bit is not important right now. Whoever that group is, I hope they’re being flame broiled right now. I hope they’re writhing and squirming in pain.

Communication is where I think Nuance is really lacking. As a customer, I want communication. I want information and updates. I don’t like black holes in space where I can’t see, don’t know where something goes or not knowing where it ends. There’s got be a clear goal.

It seems if it weren’t the citizens of the net posting their updates from Nuance and ‘so called’ tech suport, we wouldn’t have any updates. Emails from Nuance support and posts from the CNET forums report that Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.1 is on the edge of being released within the next couple of weeks and yet I’ve heard nothing from Nuance in the form of an official communication; something that would be given to the general public.

Nuance, Peter Mahoney, said they wanted to make reparations to it’s 64-bit customers, they wanted to handle customer service better and provide a better experience specifically for the Dragon NaturallySpeaking users. I think the first step in that process is keeping the customers informed, make the changes and just do what’s right.

Update: I did find this Newsletter. I didn’t get it from Nuance via email, but I Googled it.

Also: FAQ’s about the next release and you can leave comments.
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Update 03192009: Peter says the next version will be the STANDARD and PREFERRED and English version first, with other version to follow soon after; in just a few days.

Nuance… We’re still waiting…

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