Mar 27 2009

Public Poll: Vista has the Lowest Rating

image18 Public Poll: Vista has the Lowest Rating

It’s no wonder why Microsoft is preparing so fast to get Windows 7 released; it’s got the lowest Operating System rating of any other competitor.

Microsoft made the mistake to push Vista out the door too soon has given them such a black eye and while Microsoft reports sales of Vista are up, many customers are still downgrading to XP PRO; that’s not being reported.

XP Pro is standard now. Drivers and software are very compatible with it. People like it; it’s more accepted.

Microsoft didn’t do anything with the XP Operating System for years, just providing service patches and then suddenly they dropped a whole NEW Operating System on the market and then sunset a common one while the public was force to suffer through a half baked Operating System.

The way to force penetration to the market is to include the new Operating System on all the new PC’s and refuse to sell the old Operating System, but a loophole allows customers to downgrade. Additionally, running TV ads on Mojave [just as bad a SHAM-WOW commercials].

Microsoft, in an apparent mistake, posted and recanted an article about possible Windows 7 release candidate download in May 2009.

The reception of Windows 7 has been nice for Microsoft, but you’ve to remember that Vista has been out for a few years and has been allowed to saturate the market and software providers have had time to adjust their products, update drivers and acclimate themselves to the NEW stuff. The release of Windows 7 is like going from Windows ME to XP; ME was a disaster and XP was a refinement of ME. Going from Vista to Windows 7 should be a easier transition.

When new versions of Windows are released in the future, I think Microsoft is going to take this in a different direction. Hopefully.


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