Minefield: Firefox 64bit – Still early…

image-thumb4 Minefield: Firefox 64bit – Still early… I guess I’m among the early few that have a 64-bit operating system. While I can benefit from the speed and the additional resources, I have to put up with the shortcomings of various software providers.

I was looking to take advantage of my system and it’s resources, so I recently downloaded Mozilla’s version of the 64-bit browser called Minefield. It’s an early version of Firefox 64-bit… surely it’ll eventually be renamed to Firefox as it should.

Installing Minefield is no different than installing Firefox, but Minefield obviously performs a lot better in its native environment, but people like myself can’t take full advantage of a web browser like this because Adobe doesn’t provide a 64-bit version of their flash player. This makes using Minefield a problem in most cases.

I can’t watch interactive or rich media, and I can’t watch videos from YouTube. I’m not interested in playing flash games online, but if I were, this would not be my browser.

While Minefield performs outstandingly well in a 64-bit environment, the typical niceties that everyone has grown to love with Firefox is just not available with Minefield; the adoption of this browser just hasn’t saturated the market yet. The plug-ins that everyone has grown to enjoy, a lot of them are not available with the 64-bit version of Firefox.

64-bit hardware and 64-bit Operating System are starting to flood the market and represent the majority of the systems are being sold now. My estimation I would predict that within the next two years were going to start seeing a lot more 64-bit options available to users like myself.

Albeit a bit frustrating, I just wish that software providers would be more proactive than reactive.

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