Dec 08 2008

Microsoft’s Absolute Failure: ‘BOOTMGR is Missing’

This is so honestly funny; I’ve to share.

Let’s set the stage, you’re there mucking around on your computer, everything is fine and dandy and then Microsoft says you’ve some updates to install; you’re like okay- do your thing buddy. Upon reboot you get this nice error that keeps you from getting back in to the Operating System; I’m think’n SWEET! I needed something to suck up all my time over the weekend.

So you’ve a big wig like Microsoft and you’ve these stupid Operating System errors. How in the hell do you allow an Operating System to be disabled like this? Freakin’ morons! How does the required files for the operating system allowed to be removed or changed. For God sake, you can’t check for these ‘required’ files when shutting down? Tic-toc tic-toc tic-toc … moving on.

So now you’ve got this error message right? So what do you do with it?

Because at this level of the game you can’t report it with ‘Windows Error Reporting’ [smile] and ask for a ‘solution’.

The natural [normal person] recourse would be to go to the Microsoft website and do support and then search Vista Product for the solution; using the exact message you got.

To your surprise; absolutely nothing is returned that can help you. The exact error message matches absolutely nothing on the Microsoft website; AND searching all products.

Goos-fra-bah, Goos-fra-bah, Goos-fra-bah and taking a deep breath…

Is it any wonder why Microsoft’s search engine service doesn’t work worth a crap, or that they’re looking to buy a company that knows how to search the Internet? Why do they want to make the Microsoft search engine your default all the time when it won’t find anything? Hell, it doesn’t even find results on errors for their own products!

Flipping the coin, this is why Google is the best search engine. I do a search on Google and to my astonishment, someone else has had the same issue and there’s results about it. Fancy that?!

Microsoft you suck. Vista is your flagship PR nightmare and you still haven’t addressed major issues like this. You allow things like this to go on and on; embarrassing you and you seem content with it. It’s nothing to you to deflect it and funny to people like me that knows you’ve have 30 years to address it.

I’m not the victim here, but I play one in real life. If your having this issue just Google it. There are thousands of people with this issue and that are willing to help and offer plain language instructions on how to fix it.



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  • This use to happen with 2000. I would get missing NTLoader. In that case, you had to use a floppy disk. Floppies are all but dead. LONG LIVE FLOPPIES.

  • redshirt

    This was on a xp machine. I to used to see it alot on the 2000 workstation and servers, but not as much on XP. Now, XP did like to give us the old nt loader error message. Oh well, machine died and went to a better place, like maybe somebody using linux on it..ohhhhhhh