Google: Credits to the Old Guy

This is what I consider good comedy.

So I’m checking my emails and reviewing all my new stuff, and I like to say I notice the small stuff and then I saw this little thing on GMAIL; it says ‘ GET FASTER GMAIL’. So me being curious- oh whatever do you mean? There’s this listing.

While it may not be funny to some it’s hilarious to me. Why? Well, it’s because I think it’s a slap in the face of Microsoft.

The Google boys are saying hey! Do this faster! And then they list the large ICONs for Firefox and Chrome. Lastly, they toss this little shout out for Microsoft saying ,and by the way there’s this other browser, INTERNET EXPLORER, it’s in beta.

While Microsoft lovers are just clammering about the new version of Internet Explorer , nothing, absolutely nothing is going to get me to go back to a browser that has had so many faults and unresponsive/stagnant support.

The saying in business is that it takes years to find a customer and just seconds to loose them. I wonder if Microsoft ever heard that one?


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