Dec 05 2008

Google Chrome: Auto-Install Beta Versions

I watch the software releases closely and watch to see the new stuff coming out.

The thing that’s interesting is that in a short amount of time Google’s Chrome browser has already picked about 7% of the market and the auto-update functions are elusive and mysterious.

The browser itself has a auto-update function built-in, but the function itself is hidden. To the average user; where the hell do you check for a new version?

It’s under the settings/config button, but it’s not listed clearly. Most programs will say ‘check for update’; not this puppy. You have to choose ‘ABOUT’. Yeah. You’re asking your self, ‘what’? After this little trek of clicks you’ll finally get to it.

Most [basic users] may not know, but Chrome gets updates pretty regularly, but what I find interesting is that Chrome doesn’t offer the ability to ‘install beta versions’.

If your going to release a beta version, your asking for testing right? Well why not invite the 7% of the market and see which ones want to help. It’s what I would do, or at least tell me there’s a beta version, with the option to install it.

While I don’t use Chrome by default, I do find the browser fast and lightweight. The development of the browser is going to be interesting. It seems like such a obvious point and not to have it seems obtuse for Google.


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