Yo. You da transport’a? Let’s do some kickin’ or sumptin? AXSHUN!

Stallone; wow that guy is somethin’. I can’t really imagine him doin action movies, but that’s his butter and bread. He’s never had a role that requires him to speak more than 3 sentences in a row or without multiple takes.

He disappoints me. I really figured he would do a Clint Eastwood and move to something more, shall we say classy, but it’s that ole’ school bang bang boom mentality.

At least Jason Statham made the list…

clipped from www.cinemablend.com

Stallone Sticks To What He Does Best

You can’t say Sylvester Stallone doesn’t stick to what he knows best. After recently trotting John Rambo out for another adventure, acting as a mercenary in war-torn Thailand, Stallone is starting again with a whole new character: a mercenary in war-torn South America. Even better, he’s got Jason Statham and Jet Li along with him for The Expendables, representing all kinds of different action styles and what’s bound to be an amazing fight scene when, for whatever reason, the three turn on each other.

Variety says that Stallone wrote the script and will direct The Expendables, as he did with the most recent Rambo and the Rocky sequels. Who knows, maybe this really will be a brand-new franchise for Stallone, who at 62 continues to refuse to fade away. As long as he has the sway to unite Statham and Li in one movie, why would we want him to go anywhere?


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