Nov 13 2008

Free Update: Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 for Vista 64

When I upgraded my system at home and purchased a 64-bit operating system, I wasn’t really sure of the problems that I was going to incur, but I was really surprised that a lot of the high-end games that I had worked perfectly on Vista 64 and one of my most productive packages Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 wasn’t. Immediately this was an impairment to my daily routines.

The 64-bit systems are beginning to become more commonplace when purchasing a new PC.  It’s the logical choice in the evolution of technology going from 8-bit, 16 bit, 32 bit and then to 64-bit [and so on]. the 64-bit systems offer more processing speed and the ability to utilize more than 3 GB of physical memory, as compared to 32-bit system.  While the market is being flooded with 64-bit systems a lot of manufacturers and software makers are not coding for 64-bit operating systems and this makes things a little bit tricky.  Because basically you’re putting yourself out there as a guinea pig in a new arena of technology.

Being a certified techie, I wasn’t complacent with the answer from Nuance.  There had to be a way to install their software on 64-bit system; and there was.  Happy with my accomplishments, I provided instructions on how to install Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 on Vista 64 [where modification of the MSI is required]. I was honored and very surprised to get a response from I provided instructions on how to install Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 on Vista 64communications, on the post of how to install the software.  And while his response was diplomatically correct, my purpose was to help those customers be productive and provide a service that Nuance otherwise wouldn’t offer. I understand the position of the company, but I felt I was representing the customers.

I’ve also posted information about the inability to install Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 on Vista 64 because of the new Visual Basic file that Nuance has included with the installation. this was believed to be done to prevent the installation of Dragon 10.  The software was not compatible with 64-bit operating systems and it’s believed that nuance didn’t want to address tech support issues pertaining to Dragon 10 and Vista 64, but that is speculation.

Ultimately I believe the perseverance of the many has effected change within Nuance. I posed the question to Nuance customer service yesterday and received a positive response to reinforce the company’s position on supporting Dragon 10 on Vista 64. I asked them if Nuance was going to provide a free upgrade to those customers who have pre-existing versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 to be able to install the software on Vista 64.

Nuances response:

Thank you for contacting Nuance Customer Service.

Regarding your inquiry, yes more likely it will be an update for customers who already have Naturally Speaking 10. It will either be a download or a disc but still we are not sure yet and we do not have exact information on when will it be available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
Kind regards,

Nuance Customer Service

This is very good news.  And although with version 10 it does say, on the packaging, ‘not Vista 64 compatible’, a lot of customers simply pick up the package, purchase it and take it home only to find out that it won’t install.  Typically, stores will not allow returns on software packages and Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 is anywhere from $99 – $1300, depending on the package that you purchase. [Don’t forget Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 essentials $40 from Target]

While the company hasn’t disclosed when this release will be available, the positive news is that the company recognizes this issue needs to be addressed and they are planning on helping those customers with 64-bit versions of Vista.

Although I seem it’s highly unlikely that Nuance would ship out a new installation disc to every registered customer, I think it’s a more logical choice that Nuance would to provide an ISO or a compacted file that a customer could simply burn to a CD or copy to their local hard drive and install from there.

This article was dictated on Vista 64 with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 and I look forward to receiving and testing a 64-bit version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.

Thanks everyone for your emails, comments and inquiries.


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  • Ben

    Thanks for posting the information you got from their tech support. I’m also anxiously awaiting an update to version 10 to support Vista 64.

  • michel

    It’s been too long were waiting for this 64 bits support (personaly since v8), always the same answer “no information on when will it be available”, and on their we-site “As you may know, 64-bit operating systems represent a relatively small percentage of the operating system market … Users of 64-bit operating systems know firsthand that many programs on the market do not support that operating environment at this point.”

    Shame on them

  • Andy

    please can you tell me how to overide the DNS 10 block on window vista 64. I just bought it and i actually had no idead that i ahd vista 64. my laptop came with it. so it was a surprise. and Fry’s where i got the soft where would not return it.

  • Andy,
    Hey man, God knows I would love to help you, and there are so many others that have been placed in the freezer on this by Nuance, but there’s not a solution.

    ‘…but Nuance got smart and added a Visual Basic package of their own and integrated it with the installation MSI that comes with DNS 10. The result is that the VB file they try to launch fails and you can’t get around it. And I’ve tried; I really did.’


    Nuance customer support is devastatingly ineffective on this subject.

    Nuance doesn’t care if you’re a long time customer since v6, or if you paid $1300 for the profession ‘medical’ package; they don’t care. They didn’t plan for 64bit and they are not trying to do anything right now [immediately] to help customers like yourself [or me].

    We are all in a holding pattern for this ‘update’.


  • justin

    you know what will make nuance to change their tune? If they weren’t the only ones in the market, if we had a mother speech recognition company that was a direct competitor to nuance, and they wouldn’t have rested on their laurels doing nothing. The fact is that new wants is a monopoly, and the best way to change a monopoly is to take it away.

  • hehe – Justin, I’m going to say your right and additionally I love reading posts like yours and that maybe the mic or voice training needs to be done with your Dragon Naturally Speaking.
    Happy Holidays and have a nice day!

  • Jonathan

    I am in the same boat as all of you. Last week i purchased DNS 10 standard and the first thing the software wanted to install was Visuall C++ 8.0 Runtime which gets cut short by another message from Vista Home Premium 64 Bit. I too have tried it three to four times and DNS 10 cannot install. I stupidly gave away the box with the included mic to someone else because i already had a mic. Can’t return it back to Office Dept now. They offer 14 day refund. Oh well. Now i am sitting and waiting for some kind of resolution to this nonsense. I am in the middle of a 12 month 50 to 100 GB raw video data animation movie using ICLONE 3 PRO and i really needed DNS 10 for my new laptop to dictate my creative script flow into my computer for avatar dialog,scenes and so much more. My old DNS 8 Standard has “attitude compatibility” issues. Thanks for letting me rant. Hope Nuance gets on the ball to help us all. Happy Holidays to everyone.

  • Attila

    I am also having a problem with the Vista 64 bit install… Welcome any info on a way to force/trick the install.

  • Nick

    I was really disappointed, too. They’re losing so much money over this, it’s just crazy.

  • steve

    I just wish that they would put the ability to sign up to be notified when the 64 bit version is available.

  • Thaniel

    I bought this with a Sony voice recorder pack, upgraded to Vista and Dragon 9 is incompatible. Sony directed me to Nuance, saying they had a “compatibility patch” for this. There is NO patch and they wanted me to upgrade to Dragon 10!! I’ve been following the above directions (using Orca) and it’s going well. I started to install Dragon 9 on my Vista 32 bit upgrade. Now I’m getting an error 1721. Any ideas to fix this?

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  • Manfred

    Same problem here; have Vista 64 bit and DNS 10 preferred which cannot be installed because of lack of a C++ for 64 bit. Nuance support could not help, and they refused to pay me a refund, because I had purchased DNS by download (205 $), and the support charged me additional 9.95 $ for their insufficient answer. Cosnequence: Never a Nuance product again. The arrogance how comapnies like Nuance and Microsoft treat their customers becomes really inacceptable. They still have not understood that their salaries are paid by us – the customers!

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  • Jake Purnell

    I made the same dumb mistake, assuming a new program would work with the newest (64-bit) technology. I still had my old machine, but it didn’t have a DVD drive and the processor isn’t quite fast enough for ver. 10. So I’m stuck in limbo with a lot of other folks. Their customer support was horrible– I got the runaround from someone who was poorly trained.

    When a new software program comes out, it should work with the newest hardware. Kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?

    So I’m sitting on a product I can’t use until their programmers get their act together.

  • Bob Moorman

    I have been a user of nuance DN8:DN9: Now DN 10. I am really surprized
    that this new program would not install on My New HP Pavallion ^GHz Ram 50s0 G Hard drive 64 bit Machine. I am in a quagmire because I love all nuance products,yet I am unable to install his. What can I do, with the 64 bit machine in respect to installing DNS10?

  • Congo

    Hallelujah! I am dictating in vista 64 with upgraded Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9.51 as Napoleon posted. I did have to make the adjustment in the properties of the desktop icon as previously suggested by SB. For some reason, it doesn’t wo dictate in Windows Mail and is extremely sluggish in a text document. However, it’s awesome in Word, Outlook and Internet Explorer. In response to some of the posts above, I came across some where in my search for a solution, that the solution posted on this page only works for versions 9.0 or 9.5 and not 10.0. If that is true good luck to those poor souls, I hope DNS supports your upgrade soon.

  • John

    Having made the adjustment in the properties of the desktop icon as previously suggested by SB (posting no longer visible) I still had problems with my USB headset. Larry suggested that I re-run Audio.exe in the program files but first right clicking to pull up properties and in compatibility checking the run as administrator box. I then re-ran Audio.exe and this time the program reported that the volume on the microphone was too loud, but DNS is now working 100%. Thanks to everyone for all your help and assistance. This will keep me going until Nuance issue a 64 bit version.

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  • Bob

    Any more news on a date for the update to DNS 10 for Vista 64 bit OS. Will the update file be loaded first to then allow the DNS 10 to load the new vistual C++ 8.0 version?

  • According to Nuance the testing should’ve already started. Now, how they are going to distribute the update, they have said they still don’t know. Whether via disc or ISO [download]. I would think ISO, that way you’re spending your materials, services and bandwidth on getting the update and they just have to worry about posting a ISO file. Surely, they already have the bandwidth issue covered… Users can hope for a late March release.
    Nuance has been mucking with this issue since before Sept 2008… extremely slow process.
    Thanks for reading!

  • Bob

    I received the following reply from Nuance today:


    Thanks for writing through our website’s Feature Request form. The Dragon team is logging all comments and requests as we define and prioritize the content of future releases of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. We can understand your frustration that Dragon will not install on your Vista 64-bit PC. Supporting installation on a Vista 64-bit system is currently our top development priority. We are in the beta testing phase right now and we plan to provide a maintenance release (DNS 10.1) that runs on Vista 64-bit systems within the next 2-3 months.

    Note that all version 10 customers receive a free upgrade to version 10.1, so please be reassured that your current box does hold value!



    Dragon Product Management & Marketing

    Nuance Communications, Inc.

    781-565-5021 (o) | 781-439-7422 (m)

    Dictated using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10

  • Robert Davies

    I have been waiting for this product to work on my HP Pavilion Slimline since I purchased it last Summer! It’s a shame Dragon Naturally Speaking was sold to a company with such an arrogant and abysmal attitude toward their customers and the support of their product.

  • Although the BETA testing process was supposed to have started already [officially], the previous post from Mr. Khater was most disappointing.

    George Khater points out the next version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking won’t be ready for ‘…2-3 months’; this is dismal thought. It places lemon juice directly on the already open wound.

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking openly advertises that their software makes doing things on the computer 3 times faster and I feel they have completely ignored this point; and with complete oversight failed to calculate the monetary impact on their customers of having not addressed this issue sooner.

    I don’t know that they realize that the customers that’ve been so loyal to them [such as myself since v6] feel so adverse towards Nuance.

    There’s been no announcement, no public statement I’ve seen that openly says, hey Dragon NaturallySpeaking customers, we’ve made a mistake in anticipating the requirements of the 64-bit market with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and we are in the process of making corrections to address concerns of our customers. We want you to know we do care and we’ll keep you informed as we make progress. – Nothing like that.

    I would lightly presume to say this would be better than keeping paying customers in the dark; not knowing when or if the issue was going to be addressed.

    Although you can’t install Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 on Vista 64-bit, you can install Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 on Vista 64-bit.

    And from all the emails and posts that I’ve personally answered; there’s $100,000+ that’s not going to Nuance, for penalty of not looking to the future.

    It’s important to remember that Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the only product on the market that does what it does, but Microsoft has made a bold move to provide speech recognition with the Operating System in Windows 7 and it’s getting better.

    If Nuance continues to walk with blinders on, the Operating System’s of tomorrow will have this feature standard and charging as they do now for this product will be an impossible sell.

    Competition in the speech recognition market is a good thing, it forces innovation, lower prices and over all, a better product. Nuance has been on cruise control for a while with Dragon NaturallySpeaking [self evident with the issue they are dealing with] and it’s time to see how they respond to not only general users, but the remaining customers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking- will they be able to keep them?

    Let’s keep a watchful eye…

  • Jesse Mc

    Well here we are in March and to the best I can tell not a peep from Nuance concerning the x64 fix. Has anyone heard anything to make us hopeful or are they just going to let us rot?

    • J. Stanley

      It's May 2011 where is the fix for Dragon for Win 7 64. How much time do you need to come up with a fix so people can install the program. Worse case scenario if you do not fix it by July 2011 I would say that you have lost a lot of customers who will not buy your products anymore. Please work harder on getting Dragon to Run with Win 7 64!!!!!!!!!

      • At this point, Nuance isn't going to issue an update for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 has been released and most assuredly working on v12. Nuance did issue an update for Dragon NaturallySpeaking [10.1] to allow user to install on a 64-bit system; that update was free to registered users.
        I hope this helps…

        Until next time,
        Larry Henry Jr.

        My recent post Twitter must buy- Twitter Startups that do Twitter better than Twitter

  • George Khater, indicated that Feb 23rd, they started doing beta testing. Other users have indicated that Dragon NaturallySpeaking [a new version] won’t be for 2-4 months. It’s not great new, but they are working towards the next version; version 10.1.

    Hope this helps.

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  • ‘Tech specs’ here indicate Vista 64 bit! :

    Can it be true? I googled hopelessly in search of a press release (and I’m on the ‘notify me’ list and wasn’t notified).


  • Chaz

    …and So It Is…

    I just happen to be on the road, having just moved. Hope I can now find my info from Last Fall or whenever I bought the last software–if I’d known it would take THIS LONG I’d just have installed DNS 9 and been done with it. So now what–we get support for a couple of months before DNS 11 comes out?

  • Chaz

    OK–so I logged in from the register new software link to retrieve my password, log in, and found my registration/serial number, which is required. I just pasted each portion of it into the input fields.

    The download is something upward of 1.2G and requires hours to download (which, fortunately, I have).

    So, ….

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  • Tony Clarke

    I bought Dragon 10 last year, and still cant get it to work. To me, it seems like junk. If the seller cant make it reasonably easy for Joe average to install and run then its a dead duck. I expect Dragon 11 is the same. Dont buy it.

    • lehenryjr

      I can't agree with that comment.

      Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the best voice recognition software on the market. Microsoft has voice recognition, but they can't touch Dragon NaturallySpeaking for overall compatibility in applications and in application usage… It's untouchable. I make complaints about Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but that's because I believe there needs to be more user input; I believe Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 has that user input touch.

      Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 had some serious problems with the initial release not being 64-bit compliant [fairly large mistake] but they resolved that with an update 10.1 [free update to all registered Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 users].

      I have used Dragon NaturallySpeaking since v7; it's outstanding if you put time and effort in to it— like speaking clearly and doing a little training.

      So, stating it's 'junk', erm, I'd say no.

      Thanks for your comments.
      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

      • "like speaking clearly" and that is where I fail.

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