Nov 07 2008

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 on Vista 64; Oh no you did’n!

So I’ve the latest version of DNS [10] and I’ve got Vista 64, but the two were not meant to be.

I mucked around, and mucked around, and I was able to get DNS 9 installed on Vista 64 [link] by making some changes to the MSI, but Nuance got smart and added a Visual Basic package of their own and integrated it with the installation MSI that comes with DNS 10. The result is that the VB file they try to launch fails and you can’t get around it. And I’ve tried; I really did.

But the biggest difference in 9 vs 10 is that this time- the box it comes in actually says 32 bit; 64 bit not supported.

It’s actually pretty easy to read now.

The odiousness of the whole thing is the open ended response from Nuance Support about providing a Vista 64 version patch/update [hopefully] so you can install the darn thing. I mean who could benefit more from dual processors, lots of horse power and gobs of memory [(hand up) oh, I know!]. The official response from Nuance is ‘…later this year [2008]’, but I doubt it and I also doubt the company will fix it so you can install it.

The update process on DNS has to be done via the ‘automatic update’ function. Well, if the program won’t install, how do you use the live update? Damn sure would be nice if the live update would run as your trying to install it; wouldn’t it?

While the company did disclose the ’64 bit not supported’, I wonder if they will let registered users download a modified installer for Vista 64? For example, I wonder if I give them my registration and activation code, would they be nice enough to let me download an installer to install DNS 10. Don’t know, but seems like a intelligent question.

So I’m truly sorry to report Dragon Naturally Speaking will not install on Vista 64. Save your money [go with v9 if you want] and don’t hold your breath on Nuance. I don’t see them offering a solution unless it has a price tag dangling from it.


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  • Jim Rooney

    I bought a 64 bit computer today, with Vista 64. I love Dragon, but I hate to think it won’t run on my new computer. The Techie at BestBuy said 32bit computers will not last much longer in the retail stores. He thinks they will soon be dinasaurs, and software vendors will have to adjust or perish. I will just stop using Dragon until I can run in on my new computer.
    Keep up the good work. Keep up the pressure.

  • I was having this very same conversation today about 64 bit Operating Systems. At one time there were 8, then 16 and then 32 – the next logical step is 64 bit. If you have a fast machine and you want to be able to use more than 3gb of logical memory, you have to use 64 bit systems.

    I’ll concede we are the guinea pigs of new technology, but while we are just being thrown to it; Software makers have known about this for years and could have been doing something.

    I’m sorry about the issue your having, but I do have an update from Nuance Customer Service:

    from another user…’I was told today that DNS 10 will have a free update for Windows Vista 64-bit edition by the beginning of next year ’09 for anyone owning current versions of DNS 10. I just wanted to post this as a marker and promise that I was told this by customer support at Nuance today. This will not be an upgrade that will cost more money. It will be a FREE update.’

    Apparently it’s coming, but don’t hold yer breath.

    Thanks for reading.


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  • Rob Somers

    I can’t believe they did not do a 64 bit version yet. The thing I hear most about DNS is the more RAM, the better. Why not let it play with 8gig rather than 3? I am going to buy it, but not until they offer a 64 bit version. I am not wasting my time (or money) on a 32 bit version of Windows…

  • Rob,
    I have Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 installed on my Vista 64 system and I have 4gb of memory. The only delay that I see is when you are doing corrections.

    There seems to be a slight delay in pulling up the correction options. Other than that, the program seems to work fine.

    Thanks for reading!


  • Jeff

    Don’t forget to sign the petition…

    Not that it will matter. Nuance will only do what makes them money. Keeping loyal, long-time customers happy isn’t their forte’.

  • I’m glad I found this article before buying DSN 10 to speed up our admin.

    We’re on Vista 64 simply because everything else works on it 🙂

    Thanks for the article we’ll find another solution

  • Marietta

    Sure wish I had found this article. I just assumed that it would work, perhaps with some bugs…Now I will have to install it on my tiny laptop instead of my new honker machine with lots of Ram and a huge monitor.
    I guess I will have to complain too.

  • Nuance is going to release a update [supposed to be free], but they’re not eluding to when this will be. In the meantime the loyal customers are suffering this inadequacy in agonizing pain.


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  • paul oerter

    I just bought DNS 10 and then A 64 vista. I have tohave DNS to work–injuries. Which would be easier? I install Vista 32 also or install DNS 9 and fallow instructions from NapoleonAG

  • Paul,
    I hear ya and I feel yer pain!

    Don’t expect Nuance to pony up a magical update within the next few weeks. There’s always programming, testing, beta testing and then public releases. I wouldn’t expect anything from them until mid/late March.

    While I’ve had many people contact me and tell me the instructions worked perfect for them, I’ve had about 5% say they had issues, but I’m not tech support; I don’t have all the answers. I can’t say with %100 certainty the process will work for you.

    If you want to try Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9; it’s at TARGET for $40- the ‘Essentials’ package. You can experiment with that with no great loss of money. You know you can get the ‘Essentials’ [which is what most people need] is ONLY from Target; Nuance doesn’t sell it on their website or even offer it. [it’s nuts]

    OR you can tough it out until Nuance comes to their senses and produces a 64bit version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. If you get Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 now, Nuance is going to update all Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 users with a 64 bit version for free. A release date has not been disclosed.

    For persons like yer self that NEED this package, I think that Nuance has really shunned you and gave absolutely no attention; It’s sad. If anyone needs this type of tool, it’s you, and then the package it’s self is very expensive [in my humble opinion].

    Hope this helps.


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  • Steve

    So do you or do you not have installation instructions for DNS 10 on Vista 64 bit? If you do have them, would you please send show me where I can get them or something to that effect?

  • Unreal.

    I bought a DNS 10, only to have it refuse install because my system didn’t meet specs (nevermind that my computer EXCEEDED rec’d specs by at least 205% in each category).

    Then I buy a faster computer, in part to run DNS 10, and I still can’t install it. I’ve given them enough of my money not to have anything work. I’ll be downloading future editions via Bittorrent.

  • Unreal.
    I bought DNS 10, only to have it refuse install because my system didn’t meet specs (nevermind that my computer EXCEEDED rec’d specs by at least 25% in each category).
    Then I buy a faster computer, in part to run DNS 10, and I still can’t install it. I’ve given them enough of my money not to have anything work. I’ll be downloading future editions via Bittorrent.

  • JustAnotherGuy

    From what I understand, the BETA testing of DNS 10.1 is almost complete; they started Feb 23rd.

    They have tested DNS 10.1 with Vista 64 and Windows 7 and the new version is working fine. They’ve corrected the VB installer and the program installs just file.

    According the emails/responses from Nuance Support, the next release should be in a few weeks. Initial reports are that an ISO will be placed online to be Dl’d; this will be for all the DNS 10 customers.

    But Nuance is still a bunch’a dumbass’s in my book.


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  • They finally created a workaround for version 10 and I'm just getting ready to try version 11 on 64 bit hoping for some better results. Version 10 always seemed like it was a square peg fit into a round hole, but I'd really like to see how well a round dragon naturally speaking fits in a round hole at a 64 bit size.

    • lehenryjr

      It doesn\’t seem that long ago and now they\’ve version 11. I wasn\’t able to be in the beta test this time for Dragon NaturallySpeaking- I\’ll try next year… Next time.

      Until next time,