Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 on Vista 64; Oh no you did’n!

So I’ve the latest version of DNS [10] and I’ve got Vista 64, but the two were not meant to be.

I mucked around, and mucked around, and I was able to get DNS 9 installed on Vista 64 [link] by making some changes to the MSI, but Nuance got smart and added a Visual Basic package of their own and integrated it with the installation MSI that comes with DNS 10. The result is that the VB file they try to launch fails and you can’t get around it. And I’ve tried; I really did.

But the biggest difference in 9 vs 10 is that this time- the box it comes in actually says 32 bit; 64 bit not supported.

It’s actually pretty easy to read now.

The odiousness of the whole thing is the open ended response from Nuance Support about providing a Vista 64 version patch/update [hopefully] so you can install the darn thing. I mean who could benefit more from dual processors, lots of horse power and gobs of memory [(hand up) oh, I know!]. The official response from Nuance is ‘…later this year [2008]’, but I doubt it and I also doubt the company will fix it so you can install it.

The update process on DNS has to be done via the ‘automatic update’ function. Well, if the program won’t install, how do you use the live update? Damn sure would be nice if the live update would run as your trying to install it; wouldn’t it?

While the company did disclose the ’64 bit not supported’, I wonder if they will let registered users download a modified installer for Vista 64? For example, I wonder if I give them my registration and activation code, would they be nice enough to let me download an installer to install DNS 10. Don’t know, but seems like a intelligent question.

So I’m truly sorry to report Dragon Naturally Speaking will not install on Vista 64. Save your money [go with v9 if you want] and don’t hold your breath on Nuance. I don’t see them offering a solution unless it has a price tag dangling from it.

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