Ubiquity for Firefox

For as many times as you have ever opened a browser, it’s a odd thought that you have basically no benefit to your browsing experience. This is an example of what browsers should do and how they should interact with their users. Browsers should try to interpret the users wants and needs and offer some suggestions.

On a website called Vimeo where Aza Raskin does a demo what browser should do and how things could be made easier in everyday life.

Just based on the amount of time people take to research driving routes, look up maps, find a friend or just are bloggin their life away on Twitter, it makes sense to at least to have a ‘friend’ like ‘your browser’ that just makes the internet [the interconnected tubes] that much more fun and exciting.

Thinking outside the box is really what this is; I think this is a very nice direction to be going in. The video is produced very well, it’s clear, concise and to the point [3 things I love].

While like this idea and I’m  going to try to use it. I actually anticipate Google’s Chrome doing some things like this. Privacy activists may not agree with this ability, but it’s a very nice proof of concept and I hope they keep developing it.

You can read more and download it from here.

Ubiquity for Firefox on Vimeo.


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