The Cell Phone is a Side-Effect

When people are looking at phones now, they are really picking out techno-personal assistants. I’m not saying the technology is stalling on cell phones, but the tools and gadgets for cell phones can be produced much faster than the providers can improve signal strength. From keeping your friends contacts, to finding your way to the local Starbucks; having the ability to talk to people is really a small facet of what phones do now a days.

In regards to 1985, having a phone in a car was top of the line. If you had a phone in your car you were uber-cool, but pass on 10 years and then you were high class cause you could have a cell phone and walk down the side walk [this is right around the same time we’re buying 586 machines].

Now cell phones are ubiquitous and pretty much every man woman and child [above 10] has one. They do everything, they have GPS, voice recognition, address books, calendars, games, IM, email and browse the web. It’s simply amazing. In reviewing all those things a ‘phone’ can do, do you see how the ability to make a phone call is just another feature? And as so many of my friends are touting, they prefer texting to voice. Are people that much of a hassle just to talk? What happened to speed dial or putting someone in your favorites?

With everything a ‘phone’ can do it’s no wonder it’s invaded every facet of our life. It’s in our car, our pocket, at school and in the bathrooms. I swear I giggle every time I get a text from a friend of mine from the toilet, but ironically he seems smarter during those brief times…

The phone companies are making so much money on these gadgets. They charge for everything. It’s a bit of a flash back for me. In the 90’s the phone companies were ‘doin-the-one-better’ with long distance. One carrier would be 10 cents, three months later another carrier would be 9 cents, so on an so forth. Until at last it was unlimited. Then at that point it was simply a fight for the lowest cost period. This is where we are going with cell phones. Right now they are pumping us for every nickel and dime, but one day it’s gonna be unlimited. Unless they re-nig and do a Comcast- and redefine what ‘unlimited’ means.

And don’t dare try to get out of the contract agreements, they’ll whip yer hide raw. It’s like a damn public caining’, they want you to know they really don’t want you to leave, but it’s not even fair. If the service sucks, the customer service sucks and all the cell phone store clerks can say is replace the battery; does this not warrant disconnection? It’s unacceptable service and commonly you disconnect service that isn’t serving your needs. It’s alarming what they can get away with and yet people keep flocking to by the new phones.

I grew up with out a cell phone, there was no internet and when I got a phone call it was attached to a box, attached to wall and the receiver had a cord. When I get messages they were at the house when I got back from doing what I was doing. If I needed directions, I used a map. And if I had to do something, I used my brain to remember- I don’t think that phones are somewhat fun, and texting is quick, but for the most part phones are just a nice’ity.

Next time when you are texting from the John, ask yourself, would I talk during this and make a judgment call. If you do text; don’t tell me where you are or what your doing because I think that stinks.


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