GMail/GTalk now has Remote Desktop Support

logo GMail/GTalk now has Remote Desktop SupportSo if you haven’t joined the juggernaut Gmail [from Google] you have one more reason for getting and using your GMAIL/GTALK account; GBridge.

If your are using this program, not only can you chat with someone, share files, but you can also share DESKTOPS. The program creates a VPN between you and another person and be able to communicate securely between two machines. Here’s some FAQ’s.

While MSN has this in it’s IM program- I have never liked it. I wish more IM clients offered a generic remote desktop.

While I like this program, and it’s clever use of the GMail account, it’s not support nor endorsed by Google, but you get this with the other well known hack GDrive. But is that really going to keep you from trying it- nah didn’t think so.


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