No News; good news? Comcast discontinues Usenet servers

While I lived under the regime of Comcast, in the southeast, I was ever more wanting to get my hands on some unadulterated bandwidth, but indulge me for a minute while I ramble a tale of woe.

I was living in eastern TN with Comcast as the only provider of cable TV. They were/are the monopoly. They can do and say exactly what they want, raise their rates, cut your service without valid reason and there’s nothing you can do; your helpless.

In the rural areas it’s not just Comcast that’s controlling the game, it’s the smaller cable providers; yeah you bloody twerp mongrels…

Your are the same guys that I picked up my ‘Comcast digital cable boxes’ took back to my house, hooked them up and to turn around and be charged $99 for installation. This is the same company that turned off my cable service 10pm on Saturday night because they found a $6 charge from 18 months ago when I had the service hooked up and didn’t show up until that day and had to pay it right then or I didn’t get to watch TV.

These are the people that are so called trying to help the communities.

I never got 6-10mb downloads; it’s a marketing ploy. Yeah it may be possible for that one person at 4am on Monday morning, but honestly, every ones up between 8am-10pm mostly and during that time, the reality is that your only going to get information as fast as someone/or entity can send it to you. Broadband is not high speed anymore and Unlimited as Comcast as so clearly stated [finally] is not unlimited.

The problem with Comcast is that they are setting precedent; precedent on what they think the Internet should be and who should control it. The guys that invented it would be vomiting in their shorts right now if they knew everything that was going on now. It’s disgusting.

What should be a medium for everyone in the world to learn and collect knowledge has turned in to a battle for VOIP, Taxes, spam mail, Intellectual property copyright violations and wide spread porn [not so bad in comparison].

If someone would just sit back for a second and realize what the Internet is and understand it’s not for any one person, company, government or country to control and it’s true purpose is the precipitation of knowledge and information. But you can’t, this isn’t going to happen, because there is money to me made and lost on the Internet. So you’re going to have the people of good and evil fighting over what the Internet should be.

In it’s short life [in comparison to anything else] it has completely revolutionized the way we do things, communicate, entertain ourselves, inform ourselves and handle business. It’s rapid growth is stressing everyone and everything to it’s limits; I mean nothing we can think of has grown and developed at this rate and has become such a integral part of our every day life. When the US government thinks that basic wi-fi internet service should be free to everyone; it’s made an impact. No matter how many stones you place in the creek the water will still flow, but if ever so slowly.

Makes me sad really. It’s like the golden age of the America, when were where the world power, when we were the leaders and the beacon of hope for a better life. What we have now is the result of greedy old men that respected nothing but money; sold his company to a foreigner, so he can relocate the manufacturing to a sweat shop in Taiwan where 5 year old kids make Nike’s for a bowl of rice a day.

American can’t compete with that. We can’t even stop for a second to envision it.

Hang on fellas’ the rides just starting.

Comcast discontinues Usenet servers – TechSpot News.


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