Going Green: Water-Powered Car in Japan

I think everyone, at some level, is interested in saving gas or going ‘green’. I think one problem is one person/entity is trying to provide a solution; it’s not funny.

You have a company like GM going to release the Chevy VOLT that’s going to require gas. Japan [Genepax] has a car that runs completely on water for an hour. The Chevy VOLT requires gas to sustain the electrical system on the car, but if the VOLT would incorporate the Genepax system, no gas is required at all.

Coupling this technology with solar panels on the car or gas with solar abilities, would continuously charge the car. Essentially you would have to have water and sunlight for your vehicle to run. Sounds too easy, but the reality is that companies don’t want to share, they want to provide a solution of their own with no help from others and sadly this is where the biggest problem is.

Pride is a huge problem. No one wants to admit they need help, or that someone else has/had a  great idea and they don’t want to ask about it, how it works or if they could use it.

Ego is another. There are too many people exceptionally happy riding around in their sports cars, hummers, SUV and other large vehicles. They want to keep the size the appearance of ‘…I’m better/faster than you’. Car companies recognize this and are trying to marry the two ideas of green and macho.

We are still looking at 10+ years before we can have a self-sustainable car. I just wish they would swallow their pride and collectively make a better product.

Water-Powered Car Demonstrated in Japan (Video).


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